This microwave cleaning hack is quick, chemical-free and effortless... try it today

Want to know how to clean a microwave and clean it quickly? If reheated Christmas dinner is burnt on to your microwave, this cleaning hack will have it food-free in no time

Cleaning a microwave
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This is the best microwave cleaning hack and an essential how to for anyone who is short of time. Your microwave has probably had a fair bit of use this week, from reheating New Year's Eve dinner leftovers, to heating mulled wine and unless you have religiously covered everything you have cooked in it, no doubt it has the odd splatter or sticky bit of burnt on food. 

Nobody has the time (or energy) for a deep kitchen clean at this time of year, so we have a whole host of kitchen cleaning hacks to speed the job along. Number one on your list, how to clean the microwave.

In a few simple steps – and just 10 minutes – we show you how to have your microwave sparkling clean. Ready just in time to cook a hungover dinner of jacket potato and beans tomorrow...

All you need is something acidic, like vinegar or a lemon. Hopefully you already have these in your kitchen.

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You will need:


1. Fill the microwavable bowl with 200ml of water and add two tablespoons of white vinegar or a lemon cut in half. Squeeze half of the lemon juice into the bowl first, then drop both halves in. Place a toothpick into the bowl to stop the water from boiling out over the edges (bubbles will form on the wood so the water can boil without exploding). Shut the door and run on high for five minutes. 

2. When the timer goes off, don’t open the microwave right away. Leave the door shut for five more minutes to let the steam continue to work. The steam will help loosen caked-on bits of food and the vinegar or lemon will help eliminate any odours.

3. When you open the door, be careful pulling the bowl out; it will be very hot! Remove the turntable tray carefully, it will be hot as well and wash it in the sink in soapy, warm water.

4. Using a sponge scourer wipe down the inside of the microwave, the door and the ceiling, the dirt and food will come right off. Allow to dry with the door open.

This method will help a microwave that's a bit smelly be much fresher, too. Use our guide to getting rid of household smells for more handy tips.

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