This Made underbed storage is (quite literally) better looking than Brad Pitt

Underbed storage is usually practical but 'meh' on the style stakes. Made has upped their game once again with this handsome range

Made underbed storage
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Underbed storage is not something we usually wax lyrical about, but a lazy scroll through's storage section last night (well Love Island is over, what else we going to be doing?) stopped us in our tracks. 

We came across not one, but two very, very good-looking underbed storage buys that we're going to be pressing 'buy now' on this very day. Why? Well, we've gone out and bought a new bed for Towers and need good-looking, clutter-hiding storage to sit beneath it. 

Keep scrolling for the details... and find more bedroom ideas on our dedicated hub page. And for more storage ideas? We've got a hub page too.

Dae (above) is the name of the set of two underbed water hyacinth storage trunks by Made that we're planning on getting our greasy mitts on. They come in two sizes: the medium box is 17cm x 57cm x 36cm; the large one is 20cm x 60cm x 40cm – perfect for everything from spare bedlinen to all that other stuff you usually have lurking on your bedside table. The pair costs £59.

Made underbed storage

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Ponting (above) is the other underbed storage beauty. A bit more practical, and more of a Matt Damon than a Brad Pitt on the looks (not having a go, Matt, but you know) than the Dae underbed storage, it's nonetheless a real winner because it's cheaper at only £15. Made from polyester, it measures 20cm x 76cm x 46cm, and has a keep-the-dust-out zipper all the way around.

Which to choose? If it's on show, we'd go for Dae; not seen, Ponting will do us fine.

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