This is the patio cleaner we rate highest – use it to clean a patio fast this weekend

Order our top patio cleaner today and spruce yours up swiftly this weekend

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Wondering how to clean a patio quickly and easily, now that we know the weather's looking good this bank holiday weekend (and we're not going out)? 

The past few months’ weather have had their effect on the state of our patios, with algae, moss and more spoiling the look of our paving, and debris accumulating on the surface. But we're not worried: getting it good as new isn’t be a daunting chore, if you know what to use (and we do because we've got a tried and tested guide to the best patio cleaners). So, if you're planning ahead (and sensibly avoiding DIY stores in favour of online ordering), here's what to buy today, ready to do the work when the weather improves. Find more info in our guide to how to clean a patio.

Our top-rated patio cleaner

Our number one patio cleaner is Ultima-Plus Ultimate Patio Cleaner. Yes, we know it’s not the cheapest cleaner out there, but it’s concentrated, so there’s enough in one bottle to clean 400 square metres (and you can sort out drives, decking and fencing with it, too).

We also rate it highly for its swift results, which show up in just two to three days, and the fact that it will help prevent regrowth for up to six months.

Using it is easy. Just wait for a forecast for dry weather – the rain needs to stay off for eight hours, and apply the solution to the entire patio with a watering can or pump sprayer. You’ll just need to ensure children and pets don’t go on to the area until it’s dried.

Want a cheaper buy? This is our runner-up

Looking for a budget route to great patio cleaning? Our number two highest rated patio cleaner, Jarder Spray and Leave Cleaner (but it at the best price with our link), will be right up your street. It’s simple to use as well. All you need to do is dilute according to instructions, use a pump spray or watering can to apply, and leave it to do its work while you do something else instead. 

Results are swift, showing up in just two to three days, and it also keeps on working for up to six months. While you’re at it, you can also make decking, fences, sheds and even terracotta pots moss-, mould- and algae-free once more. 

You’ll need to use it in dry weather (eight hours without rain is needed), and keep kids and pets off the area until it has dried. 

More places to find our best patio cleaner in stock

  • A pressure washer can also help you deep clean, and you’ll find the best in our rundown of the top buys