This is how to clean a microwave: because, it does need a weekly clean

It’s easy to leave out of your kitchen cleaning routine – but it needs to be hygienic. Our tips will reveal how to clean a microwave

If you only think of how to clean a microwave when something spatters, everywhere,
– we’re not judging – we are here to tell you that it does need a little more attention than that! The inside of a microwave can be home to bacteria, as can the handle and door. The bottom line is that to keep the whole household healthy, you need to clean it regularly. And while not a health concern, cleaning a microwave will also put a stop to any nasty smells from the appliance...

Our strategies will get your microwave odour-free and keep bacteria at bay, but do make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions as well, as you could invalidate the warranty if you don’t follow its guidance when it comes to cleaning.

Follow our tips for efficient and easy cleaning below, and if you want to get cleaning this Bank Holiday weekend, check out our hub.

1. Steam the microwave with lemon

Steaming the inside of the microwave is the best way to get the process started – and remove any nasty niffs to boot.

Now: Squeeze half a lemon into a microwave-proof bowl and add water to make a dilute lemon juice solution, filling the bowl to no more than half way. Place on the centre of the turntable and heat until the window gets steamy (around 10 minutes). Wait until the oven cools down before opening the door.

Later: If you don’t have a lemon to hand when microwave cleaning is on the agenda, you can use a few tablespoons of our trusty cleaning standby white vinegar in a bowl of water instead.

2. Clean the interior of the microwave

Once you’ve steamed the inside of the microwave, cleaning your newly odour-free machine should be easy.

Now: Unplug, then wipe the inside of the microwave using a warm washing-up liquid solution. Make sure you use a soft cloth. Rinse clean using water and a soft cloth. You can likely remove the turntable and clean this separately to make things easier. 

Later: Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if the turntable can be cleaned in the dishwasher to make things even easier next time.

3. Dry the interior of the microwave

Grab some kitchen towel to dry the inside of the microwave thoroughly once the cleaning process is finished. It shouldn’t be left damp.

4. Clean the exterior of the microwave

Don’t neglect the outside of the machine, especially the knobs and dials which are touched regularly by the whole household and which can harbour germs. Once again, your essential kit is a warm washing-up liquid solution and a clean, soft cloth. Wipe again with water to remove any residue of your cleaning solution when you’re done, and dry with kitchen towel.