These new Sky deals cost from just £32 per month. Christmas viewing: sorted

Missed out on the Sky deal of your dreams this Black Friday? Nonsense, plenty of new deals have just been added to the Sky website from TV-only packages to TV + broadband deals...

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Missed out on Black Friday Sky deals this year? Don't worry: their December deals are already here – and there are lots of great package offers. Whether you're looking for a TV-only deal or an all-singing, all-dancing broadband and TV package, there's something for everyone in the Sky December sale.

What are the best deals on offer? Keep scrolling and we'll tell you. Can't get Sky broadband in your area? Head to our broadband deals page for more incredible offers.

Sky TV deals

Sky Entertainment + Cinema | £33 £32 per month
Want the best of both worlds? This Sky TV deal combines Sky Entertainment programmes with Sky Cinema for just £32 per month. Although it's not a huge saving, every little helps around Christmas time, right? Included is over 1,000 movies on demand in HD as well as the biggest ever Christmas movie collection. If that doesn't convince you to buy, we're not sure what will. Let Elf watching commence.View Deal

Sky Entertainment + Sports + Cinema + HD | £61 £47 per month
This Sky TV package is great for those who want the best of sports, entertainment AND cinema, all in stunning HD. You'll save a lovely £14 per month – that's £252 over 18 months – and it comes with 35 Entertainment Channels in vivid HD, too. View Deal

Sky broadband deals

Sky Broadband Superfast | 59Mb | £37 £32 per month
Saving you a lovely £5 per month, Sky broadband SuperFast works at 59 megabits per second and includes Anytime Calls. View Deal

Sky Entertainment + Broadband | 59Mb | £49 £39 per month
This is Sky's most affordable TV and broadband deal around at just £39 per month. 59Mb broadband combined with Sky Entertainment makes a heavenly package – think: 300 Entertainment channels to choose from and fast Wi-Fi speeds. What more could you need?View Deal

Sky Entertainment + Broadband + Cinema | 59Mb | £60 £49 per month
Saving you £11 per month or in other words £198 for the duration of your contract, this TV and broadband deal comes with a new premiere every day, plus Superfast fibre broadband at 59Mb. Don't forget there are over 1,000 movies on demand in HD to choose from, as well.View Deal

Sky Entertainment + Ultimate On Demand + Broadband | 59Mb | £61 £51 per month
This Sky deal is a great pick for those who want the best package they can buy for a reasonable monthly price. It includes broadband at 59Mb, all Sky Box Sets – some in HD – as well as Netflix together with uninterrupted episodes of your favourite shows. Yessssss please.View Deal