These Ikea duvet covers nail all the 2020 bedroom trends for bargain hunters

Browsing Ikea duvet covers? Want a bedroom revamp on a budget that's bang on trend for next year? We've trawled both the site and store to find the best looking picks...

SOMMARASTER ikea duvet cover in bedroom
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Ikea duvet covers are a can't-go-wrong buy: they're practical, they're affordable and they come in a whole range of designs. Want one that whispers minimalism, or a set that screams maximalism – or maybe some bedlinen to reflect the season? You got it. 

And, with prices starting from just £4.50/$9.99, you can't go wrong – even if you want some spares for Christmas time when you're hosting guests. The best news? We've trawled both UK and US Ikea sites to find the best of the best Ikea duvet covers that hit those all important 2020 bedroom design trends. So if you're a trend-conscious, bedroom revamping, budget-watcher, read on...

Bedroom trend 1: Terrazzo dots


(Image credit: Ikea)

Tiny, barely there terrazzo dots are a fun trend for 2020. Look for them on bedding, but lighting and wallpaper, too. Perfect for adult bedrooms, it's also ideal for children's rooms. 

The MÖJLIGHET Ikea duvet cover is the bedding set to buy if you want to add a slight pop of colour to an otherwise neutral bedroom. The set starts at £10/ $9.99 and it features terrazzo-like multi-coloured shapes all over. We love. It would also make a nice fit for a kid's room thanks to its playful pattern. With a chunky knit throw and a few vibrant cushions on top, your room will be #bedroomgoals.

Bedroom trend 2: Maximalism

SOMMARASTER duvet cover on bed

(Image credit: Ikea)

Maximalism continues to be a big trend for 2020, and while we love it, it needs to be limited in a bedroom. Which is where Ikea's duvet covers come in...

The SOMMARASTER duvet cover is perfect for those wanting to jazz up their bedroom with pattern. Prices start from only £19/$19.99 and the duvet features a vibrant and thick flower pattern. We love. The set can be fastened with poppers, it's 100 per cent cotton AND features a 152 thread count.

Another maximalist choice, TOVSIPPA bedding will be sure to a) bring the outside in and b) add some pastel tones to your space. The price of the set starts from £15/$19.99. Sprawled with a flower print and made from 100 per cent cotton, this Ikea duvet cover would make a great focal point to any bedroom, whether it be a spare bedroom, a master bedroom or teenager's space.

Bedroom trend 3: French bedroom style

ALVINE KVIST duvet cover on bed

(Image credit: Ikea)

We love this look: it's elegant and makes a room look far more expensively decorated than it is. 

Ikea's ALVINE KVIST is a great bedding set to swap out your bedroom's look. Its subtle grey flower print will blend seamlessly with almost any room, no matter your decor style, and since the set's made from cotton percale, it'll feel lovely and cool on your skin. Even better? It features button fastening, and prices start as low as £22/$39.99.

Bedroom trend 4: Biophilia

SPRÄNGÖRT bedding in bedroom

(Image credit: Ikea)

House plants and natural textures have continued to be big throughout 2019, and in 2020 the trend has been given the name 'biophilia' (or love of the natural world, we think!).

Looking for an Ikea duvet cover to bring your bedroom into the next season? The SPRÄNGÖRT is it. Patterned with pink blooming flowers and made from 100 per cent cotton, the set features housewife bordering to add a little elegance to your bedroom. Prices start from £30/$49.99. Love it.

Bedroom trend 5: suiting

Ikea bedlinen

(Image credit: Ikea)

Grey bedrooms are a classic look that never ever dates – so if you want to give yours a dash of grey, plain white and subtle stripes to create a timeless, elegant feel, it's the way to go. Here are our top picks.

Above is the RANDGRÄS, which is £25 for a quilt cover and two pillowcases. Smart, eh?

Those after something a little darker, maybe as a nice juxtaposition in a bright bedroom, should opt for the SKOGSLÖNN Ikea duvet cover. Why? This sateen-woven bedlinen features a dark and tie-dye-esque print. It's soft, silky, features a huge 310 thread count and a zipper fastening. Those in the UK can purchase it from £25, and US customers from $49.99.

Ikea's TRÄDASTER duvet cover is their most affordable offering starting from just £4.50/ $9.99 for a single/twin quilt cover and pillowcase. It's an ideal option for those who are heading to college or uni, or for a teenager's bedroom, we think. The minimalist print features a dotted circle pattern, while the cover itself is made from sustainably grown cotton and its 120 thread count. The best part? It's crease-free.

The Ikea GÖMBLOMMA is a great choice for those after something subtly stylish. Starting from just £10, the set can be fastened with a zipper, and its thread count is a good 147. The cover features a light grey brush stroke pattern, while the other side is plain white for those who want the best of both worlds.

Looking for something plain to dress your bed with? The NATTJASMIN should be your first pick. It's high quality, it features a very subtle striped print and a button closure. The set is also a huge 310 thread count – starting at only £19/$39.99 for a singlr or twin, we think it's a bargain.

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