These budget Aldi pet buys are perfect for treating your furry best friend

Aldi's new pet range for your feline friends and canine kings is pretty pawsome...

Aldi dog door mat
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi has done it again and hit the stores with the ultimutt (HA!) pet range for those of us on a budget right now. Our cuddly companions have been living for all of the attention and human playtime that lockdown has brought, but they're in need of some material treats right about now. We're talking toys, back scratchers and new beds for your furry friends, and dirty pet doormats to please the pet parents out there who are constantly on muddy paw duty. 

So, keep on scrolling to get your paws on some of the great buys Aldi has in stock, now! Oh, and you also need to check out our dedicated pet hub for a whole lot more where that came from!

1. Red Spin Dog Slow Feeder, £4.99

Red Spin Dog Slow Feeder aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

Listen up, this design is GENIUS. These slow feeders have maze designs to help your pup eat slower in order to improve digestion... not a bad idea if you ask us! Available in bright red and turquoise, this pet feeding bowl is slip resistant and promises dinner-time calm and a pop of colour. 

Red Spin Dog Slow Feeder, £4.99

2. Scratch & Play Navy Mouse Cat Toy, £4.99

Aldi pet buys

(Image credit: Aldi)

Filled with catnip and coated in varied rope textures, this oversized, mouse-shaped scratch and play toy is the ideal companion for your kitten or cat. Encourage active play with this bundle of fun! 

Scratch & Play Navy Mouse Cat Toy, £4.99

3. White Paws Dirty Pet Doormat, £8.99

Aldi dog door mat

(Image credit: Aldi)

You love your mucky pup, but the mess they bring with them? Not so much... So, a new pet doormat can't hurt and this one is a fab purchase if you're on a budget. Made from polyester yarn, this mat is durable and machine washable. What's more, we love the cute paw print design (and definitely prefer that to the alternative paw prints on our sofas!!!). 

White Paws Dirty Pet Doormat, £8.99

4. Red Pet Collection Mesh Pet Harness, £3.99

Aldi pet harness red

(Image credit: Aldi)

This full chest harness for your dog is bright and cheerful in colour and kind to your pup, with soft padding for extra comfort and no pressure on your dog's neck. The reflective trim and mesh design makes it simultaneously safe and stylish. So, if your furry friend has a reputation for wandering off, this is the perfect buy!

Red Pet Collection Mesh Pet Harness, £3.99

5. Small Plush Pet Chair Bed, £9.99

Aldi leopard print pet bed

(Image credit: Aldi)

When we said canine king, we weren't kitten (sorry, we had to). Your pets deserve a luxurious night's sleep every night and Aldi is providing the goods! Cosy and plush with a fabulous animal print pattern, this bed will keep your pet safe and sound with its soft structure with padded arms.  

Small Plush Pet Chair Bed, £9.99

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