These are the must-have Christmas gifts for teens (by a 17 year-old)

We asked Real Homes' resident teen what this year's must-have Christmas gift was. Here's what she said

Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low
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Wondering what to give your teen for Christmas? Finding something that won't make them roll their eyes isn't easy... so we asked Real Homes' resident (sort of) teen, Lola Houlton, what the must-have, no fail-gift is this Christmas. Here's what she told us, without hesitation, and why.

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'This Christmas everyone wants Nike Air Force 1 Sage. Yes, we know we've all been wearing what looks to you like identical Nike Air Force for a couple of years – but these new ones are a bit different,' says Lola. 'Firstly, I've heard they're not supposed to crease as much as the older Nikes, so will stay looking newer for longer, which is what we all basically care about the most; and secondly, they've got a bigger wedge and a bolder look.'

We're not arguing. There are no deals on them at the moment – they're pretty much £85 everywhere. 

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Nike Air Force 1 Sage, £85 at JD Sports

Nike Air Force 1 Sage, £85 at JD Sports

These trainers come in more than just classic white – there's pink, red, yellow, beige, khaki and black – but Lola says white's the fan favourite and that anything other than white will date quickly.

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