Tik Tok's 'The Folding lady' says we're folding our clothes all wrong- here’s how to do it right

You’re not going to believe how quick and easy these ingenious folding hacks are

The Folding Lady from TikTok folding hacks, clothes folded in storage in a bedroom
(Image credit: Orthex Group)

We were all pretty convinced we knew how to fold our clothes until we came across the Folding Lady. 

Cue Sophie Liard, aka the Folding Lady, who has shaken up TikTok and Instagram with her unbelievably simple folding techniques. What can possibly be wrong with the old way of folding, you may be thinking? We thought that too until we saw the Folding Lady in action and it looks like a few of us are making pretty big clothing storage mistakes.  

Over 2 million followers on TikTok and an additional 370 thousand people on Instagram have already taken note of Sophie’s folding techniques. Either that, or they just find the videos massively satisfying and, well, we completely understand that too.

While the Folding Lady's hacks are quickly becoming one of our favorite organization ideas for any home, her tips are particularly great for making room in small spaces. 

Keep scrolling for some of her best lessons. 

The Folding Lady from TikTok folding hacks, clothes folded in a cupboard in a bedroom

(Image credit: Orthex Group)

While the Folding Lady has shared folding hacks for everything from towels to tissue paper- we are particularly obsessed with her clothes hacks, and we have a feeling you will be too. 

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The Folding Lady's clothes folding tip

If you want to watch the Folding Lady’s talents in all their glory, just take a look at the video below. 


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This compilation showcases a collection of the Folding Lady’s most ingenious hacks, from sweaters to sports tees and everything in between. While we’re self-proclaimed fans of every single tip, Sophie’s puffer coat technique surely has to take the crown as one of the most useful things we’ve seen this year.  

In the video, Sophie simply turns the bottom quarter of the zipped-up puffer up. She then folds in the arms, folds the hood down, and rolls the puffer up before tucking it into the bottom fold. 

The Folding Lady's jeans tip


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Before discovering these hacks, folding jeans was one of life’s unpleasant tasks, but now, we almost want to fold jeans for fun

Sophie’s jean-folding technique will not only keep your freshly ironed denim crease-free, but it will also save a lot of space in your closet, so you have room to buy even more clothes. Simply fold your jeans in half, folding in the inner seam. Then fold each side in to meet the other and tuck into the waistband - so simple!

 Where has this been all our life?  

Rolling technique


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Thanks to this space-saving rolling hack, the previously-painstaking task of packing will become seamless- and in the meantime, you can practice rolling with the contents of your cupboards at home. 

Perfect for keeping matching items together, start by turning the bottom of a t-shirt up. Place the matching bottoms in the center of the shirt and fold them in with the shirt sleeves. Then all you do is roll them up, before tucking them into the first fold. There you have it, a neat little rolled bundle.

Thank you, TikTok, for bringing these folding techniques into our life. Our clothes will never be quite the same again.  

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Megan Slack