The Crown is bringing back some notable interior design influences from the past

The Crown season 4 set is as opulent as ever and has us all yearning for lavish interiors and exquisite are 5 ways to bring the look home

5 interior trends The Crown has brought back for 2020
(Image credit: Huntley Hedworth)

Sumptuous textures and rich patterns, ornate elements…. Who wouldn’t want to introduce aspects of The Crown interiors into your home?  Perhaps not if you’re a minimalist - but maximalism is big and it's clear that many of the most notable interior design influences from the past are going to creep back into our homes, thanks to the latest release of The Crown, series 4 on Netflix – which is more ornate than ever.

So yes, there are gilt mirrors, stunning paintings, gold leaf, high ceilings and huge windows seen in nearly every episode, but there are two elements to the Royal interiors - there’s the regal aspect which is eye-catching and full of tradition, then there’s the more relaxed living quarters, squishy sofas, plaid cushions, patterned rugs and a more ‘lived in’ feel. So it is possible to pinch some of the living room ideas and looks to recreate in other areas of your own home, read below to find out how. 

1. Rococo 

Romantic french living room by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

The rooms in most of the scenes have high ceilings and gorgeous big windows, this means there’s an expanse of wall space to play with. If your house is Victorian or Edwardian then it will naturally lend itself to this kind of look. Wallpaper is the perfect way to add pattern and decoration to your scheme, this traditional Versaille design has a classic Rococo style that features scrollwork and flowers. Note how the sofa, armchairs and coffee table all have a curvy feel, this ties in beautifully with this living room wallpaper design. Instead of mugs opt for a teapot, cups and saucers instead - you can’t beat a cuppa from a teacup!

2. Dark woods only 

Red dining room

(Image credit: Amara)

There’s no mid-toned wood in The Crown – it’s mahogany all the way! You can buy fantastic faux-effect mahogany furniture these days, so ditch the blonde wood and invoke the dramatic dark wood style instead. It looks fabulous with ruby red, cerise and shades of green. From the beautiful wall panelling to the gorgeous festive table decor, this look is most definitely fit for the Royals! 

3. Opulent upholstery

French-style bedroom

(Image credit: French Bed Company)

A grand room requires a grand bed and we certainly feel that this beautiful Vignette upholstered design is perfect for a princess or a Queen for that matter! You can leave the heavy mahogany for the dining room and go for a lighter more pared back style in the bedroom. Pastel shades and a hint of floral with the bed cushions will give it a softer feel. Ornate touches here and there add a sophisticated look - the bust and the detailed mirror. And flowers – pretty much all the interior scenes in The Crown have masses of flowers – treat yourself!

4. Regal paint colours 

Yellow living room by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Choose paint colours that have a link to the past – this shade is called Print Room Yellow that has soft ochre pigments, this means it has the most perfect tone that gives warmth to an entrance hall like this one, which due to its size could feel ‘cold’. Farrow & Ball have a stunning range of colours that really suit period properties, or, for those who want to create that style in a more modern build. 

Love this space? You can find plenty more yellow room ideas over in our gallery.

5. Baroque bathrooms

bathroom with large mirror and pale blue walls

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Marble (faux will do) topped basin and around the bath will do splendidly to give your traditional bathroom a regal touch. You can team it with antique finds like this console and chair, and look out for gilt mirrors, they look fabulous on their own, or hang an odd number on one wall to create a feature. Pale blue walls contrast against the dark mahogany style flooring and use patterned rugs for a decorative touch. Lighting can match the mirror for a cohesive look. 

Sophie Warren-Smith

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 22 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor of indie magazine, 91, Sophie trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for the modern bride.