Support these Black-owned businesses on Etsy – 6 gorgeous buys for your home

Check out these Black-owned businesses and give them your support this Black History Month. Here's everything that's going in our basket...

Black-owned business LouLouArtStudio's Digital art print, Afro Art, Sisters, Womens march, Women of color
(Image credit: LouLouArtStudio)

Whether it's in celebration of Black History Month or you are vowing to include more Black-owned businesses in your holiday shopping this year (us too!), supporting Black-owned shops is a simple way to be an ally in 2020. To make it even easier, we've rounded up a few of our favourite Black-owned Etsy shops, below, and we've even picked some beautiful products from these small businesses, from wall art to lampshades, macramé and more. 

Each of these buys is gorgeous, affordable and they make great Christmas gifts. What are you waiting for? Scroll through our gallery below and get buying now.

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