Sky sale: £39 per month for Sky broadband + TV! Here's how...

Shop the Sky sale today and pick up a bargain broadband + TV package. Hurry, offers end soon...

Sky sale banner for January sales
(Image credit: Sky)

Hoping to cut down on your bills in 2020? Make it happen with the Sky sale – on for a limited time only – and enjoy the speediest Wi-Fi plus the best channels around for less! 

Sky's January sale is still live on site, but not for long, so make sure you bag the best broadband + TV deal while prices are this cheap. 

What's the deal? 

For just £39 per month, you can enjoy Sky Entertainment and broadband at 59 megabits per second. To put this deal into perspective, Talk Talk and BT both offer TV + broadband packages for similar monthly prices, all of which have much lower Wi-Fi speeds – we're talking 10Mb – so trust us when we say that this package is a royal bargain. 

Let's do the maths. There's £18 off per month right now, which means that you'll be saving a lovely sum of £324 over the course of the contract. Plus, when all Sky broadband contracts are 18 months long, you're bound to keeping saving money well into 2021.


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Sky Entertainment + Broadband | 59Mb | £57 £39 per month
This is Sky's most affordable TV and broadband deal around at just £39 per month. 59Mb broadband combined with Sky Entertainment makes a heavenly package – think: 300 Entertainment channels to choose from and fast Wi-Fi speeds. What more could you need?View Deal

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Sky Broadband Superfast | 59Mb | £42 £29 per month
Saving you a lovely £13 per month, Sky broadband SuperFast works at 59 megabits per second and includes Anytime Calls as well as Wi-Fi guarantee.View Deal

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