Sky broadband is at its LOWEST price: now only £29 per month including line rental

It's officially the UK's lowest-priced Superfast Broadband right now. Thank YOU, Sky

Sky tv deals banner for January sales
(Image credit: Sky)

New year, new broadband deal? Whether you're convinced you are overpaying, you're looking to upgrade to faster speeds or you're not a fan of your current broadband provider, January is a great time to switch deals and this broadband-only deal from Sky shouldn't be missed.

What's on offer? The UK's lowest-priced Superfast Broadband at 59 megabits per second, which comes with Anytime Calls AND a Wi-Fi guarantee – all for just £29 per month. Yep, you read that right. Better get calling your current provider to cancel your contract, fast! We're not sure when this sale ends...

Sound good? Keep scrolling for the deal. Can't get Sky broadband in your area? Head to our broadband deals page for more crazy cheap offers.

Sky Broadband Superfast | 59Mb | £42 £29 per month
Saving you a lovely £13 per month – that's £234 for the duration of the contract – Sky broadband SuperFast works at 59 megabits per second and this package includes Anytime Calls. View Deal

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