Simba have launched a new sleep app that's like having a personal trainer... but for sleep

Do you see sleep as important as exercise or nutrition? Well, you will now with the Simba sleep app...

Simba sleep app
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Eight hours sleep? Eight whole hours? Who can remember the last time they got eight hours sleep for consecutive nights in a row. Okay, we are sure there are some smug people out there who get that every night, but for a lot of us it seems like a far off dream. However, according to a leaked draft of government guidelines on 'Sleep Hygiene' anything less than seven hours can in fact damage both our mental and physical health. Not good. 

So in light of this, the well known mattress company and sleep tech firm, Simba have launched a new sleep app. It's aim is to help us all take sleep a bit more seriously and start tracking just how much we are getting and treat it almost like an exercise programme. Intrigued? Us too. 

bed with simba mattress and dark wood frame and blue bedding

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So, how it works is, the Simba Sleep App combines real-time sleep tracking with data taken from more than 3400 sleepers to create nine sleep personas, each with their own personalised training programme. You then have a pro-sleep expert introduce you to your eight week long programme. New challenges get released each week, across amateur, semi-pro and pro difficulty levels, each is aimed at encouraging users to give sleep the same structure and discipline as a gym or nutrition regime. 

Just like you would get with a food or fitness tracker, the Simba sleep app sends you updates and tips through your smart phone or smart watch so you can stay on top of your weekly sleep goals. That covers things like, when to eat before bed, when to exercise and even what to take with you on holiday to ensure the best night's sleep. 

You can easily download the app for Apple or Andriod and start tracking and improving your sleep right now. For loads more info on what the app can offer head over to the Simba website.  

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