The popular trend to avoid in 2022, according to interior designers

The rustic wall paneling option has been incredibly popular since 2015

white shiplap walls in laundry room with sink
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A new year brings a wave of new trends, but one we never thought we'd see going out of style was shiplap - until now. 

But when we quizzed interior designers on which trends they think we'll be waving goodbye to in 2022, Fixer Upper-famous shiplap came up time and time again as the home decor trend to swerve. Something to think about if you're brainstorming some wall paneling ideas for your home.

First things first: we love shiplap. Its horizontal lines create a homey vibe and elongate the walls – plus it's relatively cheap to install. However, has the shiplap trend been overdone?

A white kitchen by Farrow & Ball with shiplap on walls and ceiling

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Is shiplap going out of style?

'Once a hot trend, shiplap is going by the wayside,' says Jennifer Markowitz, JNR Designs. Unless you live in an actual farmhouse, she suggests you try a faux finish or, better yet, wallpaper.

Home decor trends are always evolving, and if you love shiplap, own it. If you're not 100% sure, you could try a faux shiplap effect, but be careful not to overdo it.

We previously shared the DIY faux shiplap trend taking over social media. You can create the illusion of shiplap with a pencil or tape, which you can easily remove.

green kitchen by Joanna Gaines

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Amanda Thompson, from ALine Studio also believes shiplap is over-done. On every design show you tune into, shiplap is everywhere, from the bathroom to the kitchen, she says.

'Although I personally like the look when appropriate, I think the trend is going to play itself out by 2022, if it hasn’t already,' Amanda comments. Likewise, Nishtha Sadana, an architect and interior designer thinks the ubiquitous, farmhouse-style paneling needs to be shown the (barn) door.

'As we step into the year of 2022, there are a couple of trends we must leave behind. Foremost, shiplaps must be ignored! Since they are becoming so popular indoors, they are gradually falling out of fashion,' says Nishtha.

bed with grey bedding and a white shiplap wall

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Jennifer hints at it above, but decorating your home in a way that's in keeping with the building is always a good idea. If you don't care about trends, embrace the shiplap with a cost-effective DIY shiplap wall.

You could give it a modern twist by having black wood panels instead of white, which will still add texture and a cozy vibe. Or you could do a shiplap ceiling or go vertical to accentuate the room's height.

If you ask us, we think we'll be seeing people experimenting with unique wall paneling designs rather than simply going for shiplap by default in 2022.

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