Save £350 on a 4K TV with this Sky TV deal

Fancy a super cheap 4K TV with your new Sky TV package? Find out how

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Need an incentive to finally get your Sky TV deal sorted out? Well Sky has a great offer on right now that's especially tempting if you've also been thinking about getting a new 4K TV.

So here's the deal. If you sign up to Sky's Multiscreen package, which allows you to enjoy Sky on more than one TV at home, Sky will send you a voucher to use on its store to knock £350 off a brand new 43-inch 4K HDR 4K TV from LG, making the TV just £249 - a price that's impossible to get elsewhere.

Get a 43-inch LG 4K TV for £249 with a Sky Multiscreen signup
This deal includes the base Sky Entertainment package including a selection of fantastic channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Fox, Comedy Central and more. Multiscreen also gives you access to the Ultra HD 4K versions of channels to see them in the absolute best way possible on broadcast TV. This deal costs just £32 a month on an 18-month contract. If you're already with Sky it's just £12 a month and you still get the TV voucher too.
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During the checkout process you'll be offered a range of bolt-on items that you might enjoy, too. Sky Box Sets is only an extra fiver a month and it has a fantastic selection of TV series. Movie fans may want to consider the Sky Cinema package for a tenner a month - you get a new movie Premier every day and we find the selection is much more up-to-date than rival services. Numerous Sky Sports and broadband deals are also available.

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