Running low on pet food? These are the best deals from online suppliers

Get your pet food delivered straight to your front door and keep your animal family happy during isolation

Get pet food delivered from online retailers to make sure you have enough food for your cat or dog during coronavirus isolation
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Running out of pet food and can't find what you need in the supermarket? Or has your cat or dog eaten its way through your treat stash now you're spending more time at home? Either way, we've found the online stores that are offering high-quality cat and dog food delivered direct to your door. And the best bit? All of it's on offer.

Remember, the latest Government advice encourages us to to still get fresh air each day during the Coronavirus outbreak, and that applies to your pets, too. It's fine to continue walking your dog at the moment, just walk alone and try to keep two metres' away from other walkers. Despite some rumours, pets can't catch the virus, so it's fine to continue letting your cat or dog play out in the garden as well.

(*This article was a great excuse for us to spend ages looking at pics of pets – scroll to the bottom for cuteness overload).

1. Custom meals for your dog or cat from £1.31 a day on Butternut Box

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Build a custom meal plan for your pet with Butternut Box | From £1.31 a day (opens in new tab),

Answer a few simple questions about your pet to start receiving bespoke meals from just £1.31 a day. You'll get a variety of different recipes to meet your dog or cat's calorie needs, including meals and treats. Delivery is free and you get a free pack of treats with your first order.

Butternut Box has been causing a stir on the pet food scene for a while with their recipes that look good enough for human consumption. Honestly, fresh meat and veg in a tasty smelling gravy that will have your pet (and you) salivating. Meals can be bought to suit your own pet's needs and food sensitivities. 

2. Get branded dog and cat food from just 85p using Amazon Pantry

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Get branded pet food delivered direct to your door | From 85p for cat treats (opens in new tab)

Stock up on everything from treat bags to wet and dry food, using Amazon Pantry. You'll find big-name pet food brands, like Felix, Bakers and Purina, all available for delivery direct to your door. Spend £90 on any groceries at the moment, including pet food, and you'll get £4 off.

Cat constantly asking for treats now you're spending more time at home? Bulk buy 12 packs of Dreamies cat treats to stay in your pet's good books. If you haven't used Amazon Pantry (opens in new tab)before, it's a great place to pick up household essentials, including all kinds of pet food. Simply add four eligible items to your basket to get free delivery.

3. Save 10% on pet food subscriptions from Natures Menu

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Dog and cat food subscriptions | SAVE 10% on all orders at Natures Menu (opens in new tab)

Enter information about your pet's age, size and breed and receive tailored food raw recommendations from Natures Menu. If you sign up for a food delivery subscription, which you can amend or cancel at any time, then you'll get 10 per cent off everything you order. Treats start at just £2.19.

Love anything that saves time? Schedule your dog or cat food deliveries from Natures Menu and you'll save 10 per cent (opens in new tab) on everything you buy. When you subscribe, your pet's treats and meals arrive at your house as scheduled, every one, two, four or eight weeks. And if you need to change the amount, type or frequency of food you receive, you can update, pause or cancel your order at any time. Oh, and you get free delivery on any order over £29, too.

4. Get freshly cooked KatKin cat meals, from £1.75 a day

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Bespoke cat food deliveries from KatKin | SAVE 20% on your first order (opens in new tab)

Your cat is like no other. That’s why KatKin designs a personalised, fresh and perfectly portioned meal plan for every cat, using their age, weight, activity level and current body shape. They source fresh, human-grade quality ingredients from trusted suppliers and individually portion every meal into daily serve pouches. Prices start at £1.75 per day and you get 20 per cent off your first order.

Will only the best do for your cat? Then you need to sign up for food deliveries from KatKin, which start at £1.75 per day (opens in new tab). Simply enter a few deals about your cat and its activity levels and then sign up to receive made-to-order pet food deliveries made using human-quality ingredients. Seriously, this stuff looks good enough to eat! All new orders get a 10 per cent discount, and delivery is free. 

5. £2 for a two-week dog food trial from 

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Bespoke dog food deliveries | Just £2 for a two-week trial (opens in new tab)

Get tailored dog food, delivered, in just three steps. First, create your dog's profile, then see their unique recipe, and then get your free two-week trial by paying just £2 for delivery. Boxes will then be  delivered every month (or every two weeks for puppies) with free delivery to mainland UK, and you can cancel any time.

Tailoring the food you feed to your dog's lifestyle and characteristics is the latest pet food trend. Enter a few details about your dog's breed, weight and activity levels on (opens in new tab) and then sign up to receive a tailored food deliveries each week. There's an introductory offer at the moment where you can get a two-week trial of any food for just a £2 delivery charge. After the trial, prices start from just £1.92 a week for a small dog.

6. 15kg of adult dog food from Pets At Home for £31.49

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15kg bags of AVA dog food at Pets at Home | Was £34.99, now £31.49, SAVE £3.50 (opens in new tab)

AVA use high quality and easily digestible protein to ensure your dog finds its grain-free, complete adult dry dog food recipes extra tasty. The recipes contain Omega 3 and 6 to keep skin and coats in great condition, while the unique blend of vitamins and minerals care for your dogs joints, teeth and bones. Sign up for monthly deliveries to save £3.50 per 15kg bag.

If you've got a large dog, or more than one, then you'll get through dried food at a rate of knots. Pets at Home has 15kg bags of its AVA dried dog food (opens in new tab) for £31.49, with free delivery, if you sign up to monthly deliveries. They are advising some deliveries may be slower than normal during the Coronavirus outbreak, but are still accepting orders and fulfilling deliveries. Don't forget to join the VIP Club to get 10 per cent off all orders, plus receive exclusive offers, expert tips and advice and support an animal charity of choice.

Get pet food delivered to your door during Coronavirus

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