Primark Home makes stocking filler shopping a piece of (Christmas) cake

Ooooh Primark Home's stocking fillers include everything from techy and handy to fluffy and fanciful. Stock up to stuff those stockings

Christmas stockings on a fireplace
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Primark Home has done it again: their stocking fillers are perfect for a one stop Christmas shop. We're talking fluffy socks and cheap but cheerful hats, but also wireless headphones and fancy weekly planners. It's safe to say that our stockings will be bursting at the seams with everything from smart tech to squidgy toys for the brilliant prices you would expect from Primark. 

So, keep scrolling to check out our fave Christmas stocking filler buys. Or, head over to our Christmas hub for some more inspo. 

1. Think smart with these budget wireless headphones, £18

Black wireless headphones

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If you're filling a stocking for someone who loves music but hasn't found their dream headphones yet, you've come to the right place. We cannot believe the price of these wireless headphones; they look great and the quality isn't half bad. We think as far as stocking fillers go, these are certainly a crowd pleaser. 

Wireless headphones, £18

2. Get on board with JOMO (joy of missing out) with this weekly planner, £3

Primark JOMO planner

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Every one of us goes into the New Year with grand promises and declarations of 'New Year, new me'. Well, perhaps 2020 can be your year if you kickstart it with this fab weekly planner, making sure you stick to your schedule and pack your days full of things that make you happy. We're big believers in the idea that every stocking should be comprised of sweets and treats for the Christmas period and some practical pieces for the New Year. 

Pink Slogan Weekly Planner, £3

3. A Hedwig passport holder for Harry Potter fanatics, £4

Primark passport cover

(Image credit: Primark)

If you're a Harry Potter fan we Siriusly recommend that you bag this Hedwig passport holder and let it Slytherin to your stocking. (LOL, sorry.) We love the furry texture and think it's a great way to fill out a stocking. 

Hedwig passport holder, £4

4. Embrace fancy, festive function with this glittery snowflake phonecase, £3

Primark festive phone case

(Image credit: Primark)

You can never have too many phone cases and we love jazzing up our accessories by season! This snowflake case is glittery and gorgeous. For just £3, we see no reason why you shouldn't grab one as a stocking filler for a loved one. It'll come in super handy and is also really cute. We love a functional and fancy festive stocking filler! 

Snowflake phone case, £3

5. Save the planet with this sleek water bottle, £6

Primark sports bottle

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Christmas is our fave holiday but often we overlook how wasteful it can be. This year we're all trying to be super eco-conscious and that's why we've picked out this sleek, sporty looking steel water bottle as a potential stocking filler. It'll save you a ton of money on disposable water bottles in the months to come. Great for everyone – kids can bring them to school and sports clubs and Mum/Dad, you've got to think ahead to dry January and all of that gym-ing you've promised you'll be doing in the New Year. 

Black Steel Sports Bottle, £6.00

6. Bunny headphones will have little ones hopping to their favourite tunes, £5

Bunny headphones

(Image credit: Primark)

Aren't these just adorable? They're the perfect present for a little one struggling to come to terms with the fact that they are, unfortunately, human. You can bet that kids gifted with these cute little headphones will be marvelling at the site of themselves in the mirror, blasting out the Frozen soundtrack and hopping around like the excitable energy-filled bunnies they are. We think these are great value for money as they're essentially two presents in one. 

Rabbit Headphones, £5

7. A handy USB hub looks a whole lot more gift-y when it comes in pastel pink, £5

Primark USB hub

(Image credit: Primark)

Since Primark Home has got all smart on us, we don't quite know what to do with ourselves! Feedback and our own experience proves that the Primark tech range is not bad at all and we are therefore declaring ourselves massive advocates of their cute pastel pink USB hub as a Christmas stocking filler. 

Pink USB Hub, £5

8. Chuck in this random yellow furb ball because... why not? £1

Yellow furb ball

(Image credit: Primark)

Just admit it: you have no idea why, but when you see one of these you HAVE to pick it up and play with it. That's why we reckon it's low-key genius that Primark have chucked this yellow furb ball into the Christmas stocking filler mix, offering us that random guilty pleasure that we will never buy for ourselves. Kids and adults alike will find themselves a litttttttle obsessed with this fab stocking filler. Come on, you know you want to. 

Yellow Furb Ball, £1

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