Plastic waste: the crisis deepens, but this reusable veg bag can help

An innovative Swedish product tackles the problem of plastic waste caused by bags used for loose veg

combatting plastic waste: Veggio reusable bags by Carrinet
(Image credit: Carrinet)

Plastic waste is choking our oceans and waterways, to the point where microplastics (the tiny bits of plastic that are the result of plastic breaking down) can now commonly be found in human bodies, to say nothing of wildlife's. 

Nevertheless, most supermarkets worldwide are continuing to use plastic packaging in one form or another – although Waitrose has started to take steps to ditch plastic packaging. And while many of us have changed our habits by carrying a reusable bag to do our grocery shopping, there's still the common problem of loose fruit and veg that needs to be put in a bag in order to be weighed. These smaller bags are not subject to the single use bag charges, and they are almost always plastic, so of course, many of us unthinkingly make use of them..

Veggio reusable bag by Carrinet

(Image credit: Carrinet)

Swedish innovation Carrinet Veggio (above) to the rescue. These clever drawstring mesh bags are perfect for weighing your fruit and veg at the supermarket, and they can be used for conveniently rinsing your fruit and veg when you've brought it home, too. 

Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, they are durable and machine washable, and mould and bacteria resistant. They come in packs of three or five and have a good distribution in the UK – you can get them at Lakeland, Robert Dyas, Whole Foods, and Amazon

We're off to get some right now.

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