The 4 biggest home trends of 2021, according to Pinterest

Wondering what home décor trends are in and what's out? Pinterest projects the biggest trends of 2021 — find out more here

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Sure, you might have your hands tied with TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat when it comes to beauty tutorials these days, but when it comes to decorating your homes, Pinterest is the platform that reigns supreme. 

With an estimated 400 million users — engaging daily — this platform has shaped not only most of our homes but inspired the interior design for so many across the globe, too. So, if you're someone who is once again looking for some fresh perspective ahead of the new year, the fan-favorite site has once again proven effective. 

Pinterest released its annual report — and with eight out of 10 of their trend predictions coming true, last year, our money is not only on them but all four of these foolproof ideas. From LED-lights to Japandi style aesthetics, there is something for everyone on the list.

Wondering what was (or wasn't) crowned a winner? Continue reading to see the top four trends Pinterest recommends getting on-board with ahead of the turn of the year, then see our pick of the latest small space interior design trend.

1. Modern minimalism: AKA Japandi

Scandinavian style has been around for a while now, but Pinterest predicts that 2021 will be the year it truly shines. 

This year, this neutral-natural tone movement will join forces with another well-known trend: Japanese minimalism (Think: Marie Kondo tidying up, in every room), and the verdict? Only that this hybrid style — known as 'Japandi' — is anticipated to skyrocket and be seen everywhere. 

With 'modern minimalist kitchen' up to 115 percent and  'minimalist bathroom design' up 400 percent, it's no wonder Japandi is up by over 100 percent this year, on search engines, too. 

Now, for anyone who's looking to get in on this trend, it's all about keeping things simple. Start by decluttering your small space and incorporating neutral-base pieces (such as off-white or tan). And most importantly? Only feature bare essentials. 

Want to try Japandi style out? Check out these suggestions below: 


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Faye Rug, 5"x8", Ivory for $400, at west elm


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Minimalist Handcraft Ceramic Bowls l Was $41.34, Now $33.08, at Etsy


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Feather Filled Swivel Brynn Armchair for $399, at World Market

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2. Neon Lights

Another trend lighting up 2021? Neon lights are having a major moment. Whether you want to pinpoint Y2K style, Gen Z or TikTok or not, for the sudden resurgence of searches is up to you. However, one thing is crystal clear, and that is this 'vibey lights' trend is here to stay.

Although, it’s understandable why this trend is front-and-center. After a tumultuous 2020, we’re all looking for ways to boost and enhance our moods (or rooms), and in this case, the bright, bold colors neon lights offer is an excellent way.

From catchphrases to wall art, there are so many different approaches to incorporate this LED-light trend into your home, and the options are endless as ways. BTW, you can also DIY your own neon sign if you don't want to buy your own.

Want to try vibey light style out? Check out these suggestions below: 


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Neon light starting at $119, at Etsy


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Neon LED Acrylic Box Sign - It Was All a Dream l Was $189.95, Now $139.95, at Pier 1


(Image credit: Amazon)

3. Shelfies

Don't worry: up until now, I was not even sure what a 'shelfie' was either — so this trend will be one we're learning together.

Fortunately, for us all, a 'shelfie' is nothing but what we think it is: a shelf, selfie. 

So, if you're someone who is looking to go all-in, on what we predict to be the most Instagrammable trend, since the beginning of time, rest assured it is easier than ever. All that is required is a clear shelf and enough time to curate it. 

Whether you add an assortment of colored glasses and vases or some indoor plants, the choices are up to you; but the key to success here is thinking outside-of-the-box. 

Once that's figured out, all that is left to do is, snap the most spectacular shot and upload it for everyone to like and see! 

Want to try a shelfie? Check out these suggestions below: 


(Image credit: Amazon)


(Image credit: west elm)


(Image credit: Williams Sonoma)

4. Hybrid rooms

Last but not least, is the one trend that makes the most sense: hybrid rooms. With so many of us confined to our living quarters, we're all looking for smart strategic ways to make the most of what (little) space we have.

Gone are the days, where a simple storage ottoman was the trick! Now, we need more than convertible benches to hide our dumbbells and weights. These days, we're looking for ways to make our bedrooms our offices, our kitchens our cafeteria, and our living room our home school. 

The solution? A close-door concept that doubles as a divider and will separate a room the best we can. It's a genius idea, and for anyone thinking it sounds a bit familiar, it is most commonly used in the city when looking to convert a one-bedroom into a two-bedroom.

Now, as great as this concept can (and will) be, let's be clear: it is not soundproof and will not keep your kids from distracting you during your Zoom calls, but what we can promise you? This perfect piece will give you peace of mind and order back into your new norm, which in our mind is just as good. 

Want to try this style out? Check out our suggestions below: 


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