'Pimp my Samsung fridge freezer'... just got real... yup, you can customise it to suit your kitchen to a tee

The new Samsung fridge freezer bespoke range features sleek, stylish designs and innovative technology. We're sold...

bespoke fridge units from samsung
(Image credit: Samsung)

In our (not very) humble opinion, the Samsung fridge freezer is amongst the very best on the market. This is, in part, due to the company's reputation for stylish design – we are interiors enthusiasts, after all – but also it's a recognition of their dedication to the latest technologies. Whether it's a fridge freezer with smart capabilities, impressive energy ratings, vacation settings – yes, that is a real thing – Samsung are the ones to watch for something unique.

So, we were excited to discover that Samsung are set to begin offering users the opportunity to design a bespoke refrigerator that caters to their individual requirements. 

But what exactly are they offering?

Well, from what we've gathered so far, those interested in Samsung's new bespoke refrigerator range have the freedom to create something entirely unique that suits their unique requirements and lifestyle needs. Features on offer include, but are not exclusive to:

  • A choice of freestanding designs or recessed fits, depending on whether you want your fridge to blend into the rest of your kitchen, or not;
  • A range of modular designs, ranging from one door tall fridges and freezers to more classic style refrigerators;
  • A choice of finishes, including cotta metal, satin glass, and glam glass, all of which are available in a variety of colours.

Speaking about the vision behind the new bespoke range, Samsung's head of design, Harry Choi, says, 'European consumers have a preference for built-in style kitchens and a desire to reflect the family’s identity and personal taste in their interior design. We are excited to see how Samsung’s new lifestyle innovations of quality craftsmanship and innovations such as the BESPOKE satisfy the unique needs of each household.'

Emily Shaw

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