See how one mum transformed a playroom for just £45 with paint samples and masking tape

A talented mum gave her playroom a bright and bold revamp using paint samples and masking tape, and the result really lifts the spirits

a brightly coloured living room wall painted using samples and masking tape
(Image credit: Facebook)

Many of us have embarked on DIY projects and home transformations during lockdown. One skilful mum who had some extra time on her hands in lockdown decided to give her playroom a bold and colourful revamp. 

She got to work using paint samples and masking tape, and the result is a striking, fun wall that really lifts the spirits. 

colourful painted living room wall with tv

(Image credit: Facebook)

Before the makeover, the space was already a riot of colour, with many rainbow-themed decorative pieces on display. But despite the colourful interiors of the room beforehand, the freshly painted wall really takes things up a notch.

Posting on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum shared a snap of the finished look. She wrote, 'Decided to set myself a task, I don't like the repetitiveness of wallpaper so decided to do something different. Did take 6 days but only cost around £45.'

The picture shows the wall painted in a range of coloured stipes, from green and blue to pink and bright yellow, as well as some black and white stripes and squares. With the Miffy lamp, comfy wingback armchair and plenty of closed storage, the makeover has turned the room into a fun, cosy and practical space to hang out in - and it looks like one little girl is enjoying it already.

The Facebook post has since garnered over 12,000 reactions and more than 1,000 comments from other members of the Facebook page.

living room before colourful transformation

(Image credit: Facebook)

living room wall with tv

(Image credit: Facebook)

Many praised the mum's handiwork, with one commenting, 'Looks amazing!!! Everyone needs more colour at the moment.'

'Love it. What patience you have', a second said.

Another wrote, 'I totally applaud you because I tried to do this on a small wall in my hallway and it ended up looking terrible because I was useless at it and used cheap tape that pulled parts of the stripes off, it was so bad I papered over it. I have wall envy!!'

The Miffy lamp also received a lot of love in the comments, with many people asking where it's from. Others said the multi-coloured design reminded them of the old TV test card, shown while no programme was being broadcast - many years ago. The mustard yellow armchair also proved popular.

It goes to show that it is possible to transform a space on a budget if you think outside the box - it just might mean practising a LOT of patience...

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