Gardening pro shares natural weed removal hack that costs nothing

This is an easy no-dig method that will help you to get rid of weeds

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A viral newspaper weed removal hack has been doing the rounds, so we asked garden experts if it works. If unwanted dandelions and crabgrass are rapidly invading your lawn, try laying down your Sunday paper and covering it with a layer of soil.

Investing in some of the best weed killers will help keep things as neat as an English country garden. But before you head to check out, try this eco-friendly trick to banish them for good.

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Newspaper weed removal hack

The newspaper weed removal hack involves placing layers of damp newspaper over any area of your yard with weeds and covering it with some soil. This starves the weeds of any light or nutrients, without using any chemicals. 

The newspaper will gradually decompose, essentially creating a brand new layer of soil. 'There’s little more painful than picking out weeds that have come through your decking for hours, only for them to return within a few weeks,' says Evie Lane, Gardening Expert at Primrose

'Adding a layer of damp newspaper on top of your soil acts as a weed suppressant and prevents seeds from germinating in the soil, or taking root above the soil,' Evie adds. She explains that another benefit of using damp newspaper is that it acts as a mulch during winter months.

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The damp newspaper will help to retain moisture within the soil over the colder months, keeping the soil loose and preventing it from drying out too quickly. If your lawn is being overrun with weeds right now, this garden idea is worth trying, particularly if you'd rather avoid nasty pesticides. 

Weeds are only plants in the wrong place, and nowadays gardening lovers are increasingly letting areas of their yards grow wild and welcoming in wildlife.

But it's always a bonus to have a patch of lawn for kids to kick a football around or for inviting guests over for barbecues. The best lawn mowers will help you to keep your lawn looking its best.

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Any Price

How long do you leave the newspaper down?

Place the newspaper over the affected area, cover it with a layer of soil and leave it to decompose. You don't need to remove it. You could add grass seed down to help get the patch of grass looking back to normal more quickly.

If you don't have any spare newspapers to hand, you could also try laying down cardboard from old boxes and cartons before layering the soil on top. Will you be trying this newspaper weed removal hack?

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