Never change the duvet cover and pillowcases again with this new range

You'll get a day a year of your life back if you swap a traditional duvet for this no-cover, washable duvet and pillow set

No cover bedding range from Silentnight
(Image credit: Silentnight)

What would you do with an extra day, every year? Treat yourself to a spa day, spend quality time with loved ones or simply catch up on sleep? Far from being a distant dream, there's a new bedding range that could help you do just that. Although the free day would be spread out over a year. Still. 

So, what's it all about? Well, Silentnight has launched a new, no cover bedding range. How, you may ask? Well, their new duvet and pillow range completely eradicates the need for changing the bed. 'Genius!' we thought, but needed to find out more because how does this actually work, without being incredibly unhygienic and a little niffy?

no cover bedding range from silentnight

(Image credit: Silentnight)

Well, you will still need to do some washing – how regularly is up to you, though we'd advise at least every two weeks – what you won't have to bother with is the whole rigmarole of stripping the bed, washing the sheets, drying the sheets and making the bed. 

Instead, thanks to its soft microfibre, you can simply throw all of your bedding into the washing machine, in one go. Then, tumble dry – or air dry in about 20 seconds if we get much more of last Saturday's weather – and throw it straight back on the bed. Simples. 

So, whether you're a busy parent looking to save time where you can; have an elderly relative who struggles to change their bedding; or dread to think the last time the uni student you know actually got around to changing the sheets (we can promise it was way longer ago than it should have been), this could be the option you've been looking for. Plus, the range is pretty stylish, to boot.

Commenting on the launch, Angela Moran, Product Strategy Director from Silentnight says, 'This bedding makes it much easier to make and change your bed – you simply straighten or turn over your pillow or duvet. No need to fuss with pillowcases or duvet covers, making it perfect for those who are less inclined to do their chores.' 

Silentnight’s No Cover Needed (opens in new tab) range is available now, priced from around £19.50 for the single duvet and £32 for the double set – although there's a sale on now at Very (click the link above) and you can get a duvet and pillow set for just £15 upwards.

We've not tried it yet – but it's on our list. Let us know what you think if you have.

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