Need smart outdoor security lighting? Ring Smart Lighting – is now less than $100

Brighten up your blindspots and better protect your home from intruders with Ring Smart Lighting

Ring smart lighting: home illuminated by smart lights
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With winter edging closer, many of us are beginning to think about how to better protect our homes – and our families – as the evenings get longer and darker. While home security has long had a reputation for being expensive, that's no longer the case thanks to a significant increase in the number of easily installed, smart home security devices, many of which are super affordable.

One such example is Ring Smart Lighting, which we recently found on sale for less than $100 at Amazon. But what is it and how does it work? Discover more below, then read more tips on how to protect your home.

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Ring Smart Lighting

(Image credit: Amazon)

Ring Smart Lighting enhances home security by using light to act as a deterrent to criminal opportunists. Plus, built in cameras mean you can check what's going on from any location, should motion be detected. In addition to enhancing your home security through the use of cameras and motion detection, Ring Smart Lighting doubles up as an effective outdoor light, perfect for making your way from the car to the house late at night that little bit safer.

This battery powered spotlight is designed to illuminate a space with 400 Lumens of brightness, as soon as motion is detected. The kit also comes with the Ring Bridge, a handy device that enables users to keep track of exactly when motion is detected, through a connection established with a smart device.

The device is easy to install and comes without wires, meaning you won't have to worry about paying someone to install it professionally. When it comes to enhancing your home security, it really doesn't get much easier than that.

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