Need a sofa bed for Christmas guests? These are the lead times for orders... and the best buys

If you want a new sofa bed in time for Christmas, don't leave it so late that your guests have to rely on comfy carpets...

Ikea sofa bed in red with chaise longue and bedding
(Image credit: Ikea)

Looking for a new sofa bed to house friends and family over the festive season? If you leave researching and ordering yours too late (and we all know how long that can take), you might find it can't be delivered until well after your guests have gone home, either complaining about backache from bumpy blow up beds or praising your choice of mattress – while you are left with blow up bed backache...

So, if you're serious about ordering a sofa bed, these are the lead times you need to know about – and plus some of our favourite sofa bed finds at the moment. Our advice? Always triple check the promised delivery date before you press 'pay'.

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1. Made sofa beds: best for styling's sofa beds start at £129, and their 60 styles range from the gorgeous electric blue velvet Chesterfield style  Branagh to sleek, luxurious corner units; there are tons of fabric choices, although when we think 'Made' we think 'velvet', and lots of beautiful colours to choose from, too. 

Lead time on Made sofa beds: varies from one to six weeks, so check before you order. What else? Be aware that those lead times can slip, if our personal experience is anything to go by. 

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Our favourite Made sofa bed choice? We really rate the Haru Single Sofa Bed, £169 (below), which is our top sofa bed choice for saving space and saving money. It folds out from a chair into a generous single bed. Find out more below.

Grey chair bed by Made

(Image credit: Made)

The Haru single sofa bed screams minimalist chic (perfect for grey living rooms). However, if marshmallow grey isn't your thing, there are four other colours, including sherbet blue and butter yellow. This sofa bed is also available as a double.

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2. Dunelm sofa beds: best for fast delivery time

There are a ton of sofa beds on the Dunelm website, all at a super low price, in a fantastic range of fabrics, colours and styles. 

Lead time for Dunelm sofa beds: is impressively fast at about 3-5 days and often you can even pick your preferred day of delivery. Did we mention that delivery on items over £40 is also free? We're sold. 

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Our favourite Dunelm sofa bed choice? The Oliver Chair Bed, £279 (below), another buy for small spaces. That means you can fit it into a spare bedroom, child's room, bedroom or living space as an extra piece of seating. Find out more below.

Dunelm chair bed in grey folded up with a scatter cushion

(Image credit: Dunelm)

This foldable sofa bed is retro in style and comes in grey or orange, too. The fibre cushions keep their shape, so there's not plumping needed and the sleep surface promises comfort...

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3. Wayfair sofa beds: best for the widest range of sofa beds

With nearly 400 sofa beds on the Wayfair website you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. All of them are super affordable and what's more, any product over £40 is free delivery to the UK. 

Lead time for Wayfair sofa beds: this depends on the product, so head over to the website to have a little gander. From what we can see, it can be anything from a week to a month. 

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Our favourite Wayfair sofa bed is the Greenlawn two seater fold out sofa bed, £559.99 (below). It just really doesn't look like a sofa bed – more like a smart, traditional sofa with a boho feel. Find out more below.

Wayfair sofa bed with teal throw 2 seater sofa

(Image credit: Wayfair)

The fold out sofa bed's scatter cushions are included. Pssst it's in the sale so grab it while you can!

4. Ikea sofa beds: best for corner sofa beds

Ikea is kind of our holy grail so it's no surprise that we turned to them when we were on the hunt for the best sofa beds. They are stylish (deceivingly so for the low cost) and they're also always super comfortable and reliable. 

The lead time for Ikea sofa beds: still to be confirmed... but when we asked for delivery to London, we had a four-day wait.

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Our favourite Ikea sofa bed is the Vimle corner sofa bed, £1,435 (below) because it essentially packs everything you could ask for in a sofa, into one. Find out more below.

Ikea sofa bed in red with chaise longue and bedding

(Image credit: Ikea)

The Vimle has five seats and a chaise longue and then, oh yeah, it folds out into a double bed with a thick cosy mattress. The gorgeous red fabric makes this sofa to die for. So, if you're due a living room revamp, this sofa bed could be the perfect autumn/winter update. 

5. DFS sofa beds: best for colour choice

Let's face it, DFS is kind of a big deal on the bargain furniture front. They never let us down, providing us with reliable, affordable furniture that looks pretty great too. 

The lead time for DFS sofa beds: four to eight weeks... but Christmas delivery is being guarateed at the moment on their website.

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Our favourite sofa bed from the DFS range is definitely the Amour two seater sofa bed, £579 (below) because, what's not to love? Firstly, we'd like to point out that it is available in...wait for it...48 colours! Find out more below. 

DFS sofa bed in grey with purple cushions and buttoned back

(Image credit: DFS)

We picked the neutral grey tone for this piece as it's an interior designer's dream; just add a few scatter cushions to revamp its look, whatever the season. (Note: it actually comes with two scatter cushions in the colour of your choice.) Plus, you have the choice between light and dark wood for its legs and its foam filling makes plumping a memory of the past. 

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6. Argos sofa beds: best for tight budgets

At we have a new found obsession with Argos furniture because well, we realised it's pretty fab and that's it's not just somewhere to go for an electric toothbrush. So, we were not surprised to see their sofa bed range was full of bargains which you HAVE to check out. 

The lead time for Argos sofa beds: is around 18 days.

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Our favourite Argos sofa bed is the Kanso two seater velvet clic clac sofa bed, £299.99 (below). When styled right, you have a designer look for a bargain price. Find out more below. 

Kanso argos sofa bed in grey velvet in living room

(Image credit: Argos)

Its smooth to touch and filled with pocket sprung foam filling, so when you fold it back into a double bed you can stretch out and have a lovely night's sleep. Sigh. Our verdict? A designer look sofa bed.

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7. Habitat sofa beds: best for an on trend look

Habitat is that friend you want at every party. It's trendy and defines smart casual, without damaging your pocket. Basically, the sofa bed range is just fab. Delivery is £25 for orders over £500 or £15 if you spend less. 

The lead time for Habitat sofa beds: is 10 days for our favourite sofa (below), but can vary up by to 14 weeks. So, make sure you check your item before you buy and get your orders in for Christmas now!

Our favourite Habitat sofa bed is the Kota Sofa Bed, £395 (below) because we really think it does exactly what we would hope for from a Habitat piece. Find out more below. 

Orange Habitat Koto sofa bed lifestyle image

(Image credit: Habitat)

It makes a statement without taking up too much space. You're guaranteed to get compliments on this piece, available in four colours. Our verdict? Our favourite sofa bed of the lot.

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