Mrs Hinch’s Autumn decorations are an Insta hit. Here’s how to make your Autumn garland

The cleanfluencer used Autumn decorations to warm up her living room, and you can learn to make an Autumn garland, too

Autumn decorations
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Autumn decorations are just what we need right now (lockdowns, rule of six, social distancing – we need cheering up and so do our homes). So we loved how Mrs Hinch – the Insta sensation whose advice we love to keep up with – marked the turn of the seasons, by creating a gorgeous garland in the warm colours of the turning leaves for her living room. 

Now, we all know that Mrs Hinch – aka Sophie Hinchcliffe – has creative talents as well as being a brilliant source of cleaning advice. We also pay close attention to which products she buys, and where she shops for them, so we couldn’t wait to watch her Instagram tutorial to find out how she made her autumn garland, and where she picked up the essentials for her project. 

Want to make an autumn garland for your living room? We’re sharing the tips from Mrs Hinch below. And if you’re looking for more decorating inspiration for your home, take a look at our living room ideas.

How to make an autumn garland like Mrs Hinch’s

Mrs Hinch autumn garland

(Image credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch)

1. Mrs Hinch shopped on eBay for plain leaf garlands to start her project. To these, she added acorns and other pieces she found on her recent staycation to Dorset. What to use to stick the extra decorations you want on your garland? A glue gun’s the easiest way to get sticking, and we promise it will come in handy for your other creative home projects.

2. She also prettied up the garland with mini pumpkins (plastic, not the real deal). Like the garlands, these were an eBay find. These have become something of an autumn must-have for Mrs Hinch – she reveals she bought them last year, too.

3. To give the garland an atmospheric twinkle, she wrapped some fairylights around it. Battery-operated lights are what you need here to avoid any dangling wires that would distract from your decorative garland.

4. The finished garland was wound on to Mrs Hinch’s living room mantelpiece, but she confessed she liked it so much she wants to make one for every room in the house – as well as one for her mum.

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