Mrs Hinch's sink cleaning know-how makes this chore beyond easy

Say goodbye to grot with these unbeatable tips from cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch

how to clean a stainless steel sink
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We’re going to ’fess up here. We don’t find cleaning the kitchen sink one of the best ways to relax and unwind. Each to their own, though, and Mrs Hinch, Instagram sensation and all-round cleaning expert, says that’s exactly what it is for her.

But whether you’re in Sophie Hinchcliffe’s camp or our own when it comes to the therapeutic potential of cleaning the kitchen sink, there’s no escaping the fact that it has to be done. And the inspiration for the Hinch Army has plenty of hacks to make the job easy and effective.

Take a look at Mrs Hinch’s sink cleaning tips below, and you can get rid of the grot and bring the sparkle back to yours. Need more advice? Visit our cleaning hub for tips and advice on keeping your home hygienic and smart.

Clean the sink like Mrs Hinch

clean the kitchen sink like Mrs Hinch

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1. Get the right sponge for the job

Fans of Mrs Hinch will know she’s a big fan of the Scrub Daddy sponge, and it’s this handy cleaner she uses on her sink. The big plus points of following suit are that this sponge can be used scratch-free on stainless steel, and it won’t get clogged up with any food particles that are hanging around in your sink. 

We also like the fact that it doesn’t get niffy, and it can be cleaned either in the top rack of the dishwasher or in the microwave, enabling you to keep what you clean with hygienic. 

clean kitchen sink Mrs Hinch

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2. Create a shine on your sink

Mrs Hinch’s night-time sink-cleaning routine also requires some Cif Cream, which can be used on ceramic as well as stainless-steel sinks, she says. She’s also a huge fan of Cif Stainless Steel Cleaner, aka Cliff the Cif, as all good Hinchers know. You’ll need to leave this for a few minutes then buff for sparkling results, she advises. 

3. Unclog the plughole

If the water is draining slowly from the sink, there are strange gurgling noises emanating from the plughole, or there’s an unpleasant smell coming from it, you’ll have to tackle this as part of your sink-cleaning routine. A blockage, even if it’s just partial, is not just inconvenient, but creates a breeding ground for bacteria – and nobody wants that in the kitchen.

How to sort it out? Mrs Hinch revealed to The Sun that her solution to a blocked plughole is to use soda crystals, followed by white vinegar. Next comes a capful of her disinfectant favourite Zoflora, followed by boiling water to wash things through.

4. Sort out the dish rack

Your dish rack needs cleaning along with your sink for good home hygiene and a pristine looking kitchen. What’s Mrs Hinch’s hack for sorting it out?

She uses fabric softener, the Daily Mail revealed. Mrs Hinch puts the plug into the sink, then puts the dish rack into it and adds two capfuls of Lenor. Yes, that is the fabric conditioner. After that she adds boiling water until the dish rack is submerged, then lets it soak for around four hours. She tops the sink up with boiling water every so often.

After that, the cleanfluencer uses a scourer on the dish rack. Result? A clean dish rack – and a house filled with the smell of clean washing, Mrs Hinch says. We wouldn’t say no to that.

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