Modsy launches 3D renovation service with virtual designs so close to reality we can't tell the difference

The world of interior design is going digital, and design service Modsy is ahead of the curve

modern and bright white kitchens designed by modsy
(Image credit: Modsy)

In the nineties, none of us could have predicted just how much the internet would change the game. We're living in a world of NFTs, BitCoin, with much of our daily activity and interaction taking place online.

So it's no surprise, really, that the world of interior design is going the same way, as physical mood boards make way for e-design. Interior esign service Modsy is at the forefront of this transition with a new 3D renovation service that gives customers shoppable designs of their actual homes.

And they look just like the real thing.


dark kitchen before renovation by modsy

A client's kitchen before a renovation with Modsy

(Image credit: Modsy)

Modsy 3D renovation service

Modsy's new 3D renovation service gives customers realistic designs and virtual tours of their homes, decorated with furniture and accessories that they can then buy. The service aims to bridge the gap between looking at a design of what your new kitchen/living room/bedroom may look like, and seeing it come to life. 

CEO Shanna Tellerman tweeted, 'I'm thrilled to share the launch of Modsy Renovation Design! After years of perfecting our technology & design services, we’re expanding to offer 3D designs & virtual tours for kitchens, bathrooms, remodeling projects, new home construction, and more!'


modern and bright white kitchens designed by modsy

(Image credit: Modsy)

Customers are paired with a design expert who translates their ideas and vision into 3D designs of their space, which can be revised until everything is just right. Then, you can shop the design by purchasing everything from the flooring and light fixtures to the best rugs and shelving units, ready for construction to begin.

Modsy charges by room, with introductory pricing starting at $999 per room, and customers receive a discounted rate for additional room designs. So the service isn't cheap but it is the only service that can fully design and create a virtual tour of a space before a single tool is lifted, on a customized schedule and pay scale.

modern and bright white kitchens designed by modsy

A strikingly realistic rendering of a kitchen design by Modsy

(Image credit: Modsy)

Traditional renovation design services require customers to imagine a new space, based on blueprints, sketches, and rudimentary renderings. Modsy’s 3D visualization technology, by contrast, can offer a complete virtual tour of the designed space.

This helps to eliminate the stress of endless small decisions, with expert recommendations on finishes and fixtures and a lifelike visualization. Could this be the future of how we renovate our houses?

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