collaborates with Jimmy Garcia to create the pop up igloos of our Instagram dreams

Check out the most Instagrammable igloos on London’s South Bank...

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Basically the only place you need to be seen this winter – and you definitely will be seen because these are see-through – is in an igloo. Forget German markets, log cabins and ice rinks, these PVC structures are where it’s at. And this year, king of pop ups Jimmy Garcia has teamed up with one of our fave stores, to create the most insanely Instagrammable igloos going. On the South Bank in London. For you to spend your evening in. And eat fondue. Yup, bonkers.

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Each of the igloos' interiors has been designed by Made and is inspired by their most popular Instagram trends – pink, metallics, dark and greenery. They can hold up to 10 people, perfect for your after work Christmas drinks and parties. Oh and did we mention there will also be cheese? Fondue in fact, served alongside grill-it-yourself steaks on hot stones and wild Scottish venison. You can book now at, so go and eat, 'gram and boomerang to your heart's content. 

And if you fancy recreating these igloos at home (unfortunately without the fondue and the spectacular view of the Thames), then here’s how to get each of the looks…

1. Pink

If we could fill our home with just one colour it would have to be blush pink. In the Pink igloo, Made has combined candyfloss hued velvet cushions and throws with deep blue tableware, and do we spy rose gold cutlery?! 

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2. Dark

The dark interiors trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, and we are totally okay with that. Made have gone with a blue theme for the dark and dramatic igloo, using deep teal cushions, grey throws and a brighter blue for the tumblers and plates

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3. Metallics

If your favourite look is glitter, this trend is for you. The metallic igloo is the most colourful too, using mustard cushions with pops of green and turquoise. Obviously this look is all about the accessories – the gold planter and candle holders all grouped together make a gorgeous centrepiece. 

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4. Greenery 

While it may look like a section of the Eden Project has landed on the South Bank, this is actually the final trend: greenery. As well as the living plants, this igloo is filled with tropical printed cushions, electric blue candles and accents of gold.

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