Looking for kids' bedroom paint ideas? This hack will add 'happy' to your home

We are all about fun bedroom paint ideas that will bring instant joy

Bedroom paint ideas for kids rooms
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If you are on the hunt for some quick, easy bedroom paint ideas that are sure to bring instant joy to your kids' room, we have you covered. We are taking the whole paint a rainbow and stick it in your window thing to the next level and showing you how to turn a kid's bedroom (or any room for that matter) into a rainbow. 

It looks tricky but really all you need is some paint (we have gone with six different colours but just use what you have got, you could even mix the paints you have to create new tones), a paint roller, masking tape and a tape measure. It could be done in a weekend and your kids will love the transformation!

If its more bedroom paint ideas you are after we have a feature full of inspiration too. Keep scrolling for the easy to follow steps and head over to our DIY hub page for more lockdown projects.

You will need:

Step one: measure your space

Measure each wall you want the stripes to be painted onto and work out how you are going to divide them up to create equal-sized stripes. You could use the number of colours you have determine this – for six colours you would need to divide the walls into six sections. However, if that would mean your stripes would be too wide and you want to repeat colours just create even sections at a width you think looks best for your space.

Step two: mark your stripes 

Use a pencil and a large metal ruler to faintly draw the lines that will mark where you will need to change colour. Make sure the width at the bottom and at the top are the same. 

Step three: get painting 

If you want all your stripes to join up like the picture above, we recommend painting your wall colour by colour. If you want there to be small white gaps between each colour you can just put masking tape along each pencil line, paint each section, let dry and remove the masking tape. You might then need to gently rub out the pencil line with a clean rubber.

If you don't want gaps, start with the first section and tape along the pencil line. Paint your first colour and let it dry, you might need two coats. Once dry, remove the tape. Then use a new piece of tape to mask off exactly where that colour finishes and you want the new one to start. Then you can start painting the next colour. Repeat this around the room.

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