Lidl's selling a grrrreat dog sun shade – and we've found 4 more

Protect your four-legged friend from the rays this summer. These are the dog sun beds they want

Dog sun bed
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Soaring temperatures might make you happy, letting you spend days in the garden, light up the barbecue for an outdoor feast, and get the kids in the paddling pool. But the weather many of us love doesn’t make pets comfortable, and to keep them healthy it’s vital to take effective measures so they stay cool.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat all over to regulate their body temperatures when the mercury’s high. Instead, they can only cool themselves by panting, and releasing heat through their paw pads. In weather like this it’s essential to provide them with water and shade if they’re outside to prevent heat stress.

And when it comes to creating shade, have we got the answer for you. Yes, it’s a dog sun bed that will keep the rays off them but mean you won’t miss out on their company and they won’t miss out on the outdoor living. Like the idea? Here’s our brilliant selection.

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1. Lidl Zoofari Dog Bed with Sun Shade

This shaded spot should keep your pooch happy. The Lidl Zoofari Dog Bed with Sun Shade is raised above the ground for ventilation, and the canopy has up to UV50 protection. It’s suitable for plenty of breeds and all-sorts, too, as it can take a dog of up to 60kg in weight. When the weather changes, you can take off the sunshade and use it as a bed alone indoors or out.

2. Lancei Elevated Dog Bed With Canopy

Going camping for your summer staycation? The Lancei Elevated Dog Bed With Canopy can travel with you to keep your dog out of the sun while you’re away because it’s a portable design. Right now, it’ll keep any hound up to 80kg in weight happy in the garden with a sun canopy with UV block, and breathable fabric.

3. REAYOU Dog Cot with Canopy

There’s a choice of three sizes if you opt for the REAYOU Dog Cot with Canopy so you can fit a real sprawler if you need to. Like our other options, this dog sun bed protects your companion from the rays with its shade, and is raised above the ground for ventilation. It has its own travel bag for trips away with your pooch.

4. GYMAX Elevated Dog Bed with Removable Canopy

We all know how quickly the British weather can turn, so the fact that the GYMAX Elevated Dog Bed with Removable Canopy has a shade that’s waterproof as well as UV resistant could make this an option you’ll like. The fabric promises to be resistant to scratches and bites for durability, and it’s sized for small and medium pooches.

5. Lillimia Pet Sun Lounger

Fur baby owners, how chic is the Lillimia Pet Sun Lounger! This sophisticated little number comes in a range of stylish colours, including this natty azure shade. This Italian-made design features washable fabric that’s odour resistant. As it’s lightweight, it’s easy to take with you on a day out. Bear in mind that it is for smaller dogs only, though.

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