These might just be the cutest balcony furniture buys for your teeny outdoor area

Beautiful balcony makeover incoming

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Recently, I’ve been spending a startling amount of money on silly little bowls for dips, cute little cups for cocktails, strings of colorful tapered candles, and a growing collection of vases and bunches upon bunches of peonies. It sounds unhealthy and people who don’t get it have asked me… why? Why not save that money to buy your own apartment? (Renters get it). My answer? To put it simply, this year marks the official beginning of my hosting girl era and… I just want to show off my balcony! 

Thanks to a bunch of small balcony ideas I've saved over time, I've managed to create a space where I can cover all bases, from sunrise yoga to sunset stargazing, fairy-lit margaritas with the girls to solo Sunday afternoon sunbathing… I consider my balcony my sanctuary! So, how did I do it? Balcony furniture, of course. From the balcony railing table to the cozy little sink-in spot I’m so obsessed with (courtesy of a hanging outdoor loveseat), these pieces are the best way to make sure your outside space is giving

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Differing from the outdoor furniture brands you’d usually head straight to for a large backyard, I’m here to support my fellow apartment besties! When space is at a premium, you don’t need to compromise on style, trust me! Basically, I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Warning: you’ll be spending so much time outdoors once you purchase these pieces, you’ll resent paying rent for the inside! Sorry, not sorry

The best balcony furniture to buy this year

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These are the best balcony deckchairs

I don't care what my fair Irish skin thinks, I WILL be sunbathing on one of these deckchairs on my balcony this summer. We're all about those laid-back living vibes.  The best part about a deckchair is the fact that it's foldable, making it ideal for smaller areas such as a balcony or terrace. And then there's the fact it takes up much less space than a sun lounger but technically does the same thing.

These are the best balcony railing tables

The perfect space-saving solution for any balcony in need of some love. Pop one of these up on your railings and it's officially time for alfresco drinkies! This way, you needn't waste any precious floor space and you could even eat lunch or dinner out in the sunshine if you wish. Genius!

These are the best balcony loveseats

Cute, cozy, and timeless. I'm obsessed with this little selection of stunning loveseats, offering something for everyone. Sink into these seats morning, noon, or night. A loveseat is particularly great for smaller outdoor spaces as they tend to be less bulky than outdoor sofas. They're perfect for seating two people (you and your bestie, obvs!) and they're much more stylish than two of the same chairs.


What is the best material for balcony furniture?

The answer to this question depends on how much access your balcony gets to direct sunlight and if it is ever on the receiving end of rainfall. If it's durability you're after, then there's no doubt that the best materials are natural woods with oils locked into their makeup, this makes them able to withstand the test of time. 

Emma Putrimas, VP of Product and Design at Teak Warehouse, explains that teak is the best investment "due to its strength, durability and natural ability to age beautifully over time."

"Teak wood is a very stable timber with a high oil and rubber content, creating a built-in water repellent that makes teak furniture virtually immune to rotting," said Putrimas.

Adding to this, Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight, celebrates the undeniable beauty and reliability of teak, and introduces what he calls "the new age maverick." 

"Often used in modern, sleek designs, this material resists fading, cracking, and peeling, guaranteeing a lasting allure," Artem says. 

What balcony furniture does every apartment need?

Buying balcony furniture is about respecting the bones of your apartment, creating a vignette with staple pieces and simple but statement décor. This means, thinking with functionality at the forefront. What do you need when you step out onto your balcony? 

The first thing is somewhere to sit. Whether this is a deckchair, a cocoon chair or a bench, it's up to you to choose a piece that works for your space. I love a deck chair for a rental, as they're super affordable and easy to move. Next up, consider how you'll use your balcony when you're hosting. This means finding a place to perch your drink. Traditionally, this would call for a bistro table but with the invention of balcony railing tables, why take up floor space unnecessarily? This sleek and simple solution is a must-have for any balcony with minimal space. Finally, find somewhere to relax, whether it's a hammock, bean bag set-up, or cozy loveseat. Really, you just need to balance materials and textures from soft furnishings to structured pieces. Then, it's all about getting your balcony decked out with lighting and foliage for those finishing touches!

How we chose this balcony furniture

Every item featured in this guide has been chosen based on its customer reviews, meaning that real shoppers love it. We've only featured balcony furniture that's rated more than four stars, and pieces that we think are pretty enough that we would actually style on our own balconies. While considering price at the same time, of course.

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