Koh cleaning products are sustainable, kind to skin, and great value for money. How well do they work?

The Koh cleaning products claim to be able to clean virtually any surface while being eco-friendly. Should you believe the hype?

Koh cleaning products
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Heard about the Koh cleaning products and want to know whether the Koh Universal Cleaner is actually worth the hype? 

The ingredient list for this eco-friendly, multi-purpose cleaner has just two ingredients: potassium mineral salts and purified water. Sounds like an amazingly simple way to tackle your cleaning, right? Especially to those of us who don't like conventional cleaning products with worryingly long ingredient lists that can be difficult to understand. 

So, how do the potassium salts in this product actually work, and how safe is it to clean the different surfaces in your home with potassium? 

Potassium hydroxide is widely used both as an ingredient in cosmetics – from soaps to shampoos – as well as in industrial settings where they're used to clean everything from concrete flooring to industrial kitchens. Potassium hydroxide is caustic and therefore cuts through grease and oil especially well, and is typically mixed with water in order to reduce its strength. This makes it suitable for a very wide range of surfaces.  

Basically, with potassium hydroxide, it's all about concentration, and the Koh Universal Cleaner appears to have its formulation right for just about everything. 

Users are reporting that it's especially effective at cleaning ovens, floors (so long as they're not real wood), and bathroom tiles. Amazingly, it's also completely safe around pets and doesn't irritate skin. Needless to say, it's completely biodegradable and has low environmental impact. We're not sure how that level of safety was achieved, but the product was developed over many years in a university lab, so we're not entirely surprised.  

Koh also sell special scrubbing cloths that make the cleaner even more effective. 

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