IKEA is selling a battery charger disguised as a book

This handy item is environmentally friendly and helps keep on top of clutter

IKEA TJUGO battery charger
(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA is now selling a battery charger that looks just like a book, freeing up space in our overflowing man drawers. The sleek IKEA TJUGO battery charger is not only a handy battery organization idea, but it should also make the more eco-friendly option of rechargeable batteries a little more appealing for the uninitiated.

Traditional black and bulky battery chargers fall into the wholly 'functional' category of items in our homes, and certainly aren't objects we would ever want on display. IKEA's new offering, on the other hand, looks cute tucked on a shelf or on a desk with other books.

IKEA TJGO battery charger interior

(Image credit: IKEA)

The charger, which costs $17.99, comes in a pale blue-green shade and has a textured spine similar to that of a book. It's much more aesthetically pleasing than standard battery chargers - one reviewer even described it as the 'best-looking charger I’ve seen.'

Enough about looks - does it work? The product charges AA and AAA batteries, and you can charge up to eight batteries at a time. This sounds very satisfying, particularly for those of us with an assortment of loose batteries in a kitchen drawer and no idea whether they're brand new or depleted.

It also lets you charge an odd number - handy if your regularly-used cordless devices, from fans to torches, take three batteries. The TJUGO charger is also great for those who want to reduce the amount of waste they create at home - i.e. everyone - and saves you money on panic-bought replacement batteries for your alarm clock.

IKEA TJUGO battery charger on a desk with stationery

(Image credit: IKEA)

Batteries can be stored in the charger when it's not actually on, as it shuts off when the batteries are fully charged. A red LED light will indicate if a battery is defective and needs to be taken to the recycling center.

Check out the TJUGO battery charger on the IKEA website. IKEA also sells LADDA rechargeable batteries ($7.99 for a pack of four) so you can buy both in one go if you're thinking of making the switch to renewable batteries.

IKEA battery charger TJUGO

(Image credit: IKEA)

Investing in one of the best power banks will also stop your phone running out of juice at festivals and on day trips. Eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and an effective way to reduce clutter, what's not to love?

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