IKEA is selling a dupe for this grand Anthropologie mirror – but $400 cheaper

The Anthropologie Primrose mirror is stunning but expensive – enter IKEA with a more affordable but equally gorgeous option

Gold IKEA mirror
(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA have done it again, pulling off another fabulous dupe of a high-end product we'd been gushing over, but had kept a wary distance from because of the expensive price point. 

If you've been looking to update your mirror ideas and also had your eye on the Anthropologie Primrose mirror, the new Råmebo Mirror (opens in new tab) from IKEA is equally stunning and a lot more affordable.

Adorned with detachable gold ornaments, the Råmebo mirror is vintage but chic, classic but trendy. Choose between a smaller option that can be propped on top of a vanity or hung to a wall, or a grand floor-length fixture that would be the centerpiece of any room. 

IKEA Råmebo Mirror

The new IKEA Ramebo mirror is a great Anthropologie dupe

Image credit: IKEA

(Image credit: IKEA)

For the smaller size (still an impressive fixture with a width of 24" and a height of 35"), the Råmebo mirror is $129.99, compared with Anthropolgie's lowest asking price in the Primrose collection of $548.00. 

The leap in price isn't matched by the differences between the two mirrors, which are much more subtle. Both have a grandiose appearance and an antique flair. We like the fact that the ornaments can be detached from the Råmebo piece, so you can still enjoy the mirror's beautiful size, shape and color if the decorative elements aren't to your taste. 

The longer version of the Råmebo mirror has a width of 29" and a height of 66", and comes in at $199.99. It would be a fabulous hallway mirror idea or suit a bedroom. You'll likely be too busy marveling at the metalwork to remember to check your outfit for the day.

Anthropologie Primrose mirror

The Anthropologie Primrose mirror

Image credit: Anthropologie

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

The floor-length mirrors in the Primrose collection from Anthropologie are priced at $1,098.00 and $1,598.00. They are huge, and stunning, but understandably a little over budget for some, as can often be the case with Antropologie products.

The higher price point reflects the quality of the frames in the Primrose collection, made from a combination of handcrafted resin, iron and engineered hardwood. The Råmebo has a more simple aluminian frame, but the beautiful gold color and decorative ornaments mean it looks anything but cheap.

The new IKEA Ramebo mirror styled

Image credit: IKEA

(Image credit: IKEA)

It's safe to say that we're impressed with IKEA for once again providing us with a more affordable route to creating a dreamy aesthetic inside our homes. If you're a fan of vintage-style decor, this IKEA hack can transform your kitchen into a Bridgerton-esque diner. 

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