This IKEA cleaning set is perfect for tiny apartments - and it's only $20

Be ready to clean like you've never cleaned before

IKEA cleaning set duster
(Image credit: IKEA)

A thorough cleaning session can be seriously therapeutic - and helps to keep our homes healthy and happy. IKEA is now selling a clever cleaning set that's perfect if you're tight on space.

At just $19.99, the new PEPPRIG Cleaning Set is a total bargain, and we think it should win some kind of award for how multi-functional it is. Here's how it works, because the very best cleaning products - and a great playlist - are essential when you're having a deep clean.

IKEA cleaning set squeegee

(Image credit: IKEA)

The PEPPRIG Cleaning Set from IKEA has a long aluminium handle, the length of which you can adjust as needed, and a plethora of detachable heads. There is a soft mop head handy for giving wooden floors a quick wipe, and a tougher brush head for scrubbing grubby bathroom or kitchen tiles.

You can take the bristles off the head and use it by hand by slotting in a microfibre cloth that comes in the set. This looks useful for cleaning stainless steel dining table legs covered in finger prints or a glass-topped coffee table. 

There's also a squeegee head with a microfibre strip attached to it, which will be ideal for cleaning glass shower doors that have built up limescale streaks. Equally, the PEPPRIG Cleaning Set could be all you need to clean your windows.

IKEA cleaning set brush mop

(Image credit: IKEA)

This is well worth doing as we head into fall and winter as it will maximize the natural light coming in. 

But wait, there's more... There are also two different types of duster that you can attach to the long handle, making it easy to reach cobwebs and dust in those awkward spots in your home.

IKEA mop

(Image credit: IKEA)

Try it under the bed, down the back of the radiator, or on high up bookshelves - and you may well be shocked to see the amount of dust lingering in these nooks. You will need to purchase refill covers when they get worn out, but overall we think the IKEA PEPPRIG Cleaning Set is a smart solution.

Particularly as you can attach the handle to the wall and then store the heads neatly in a drawer. If you have zero storage, this one's for you.

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