Ikea adds a washing machine to its appliance range – and it's a good'un!

Ikea's washing machine is a good price, well reviewed and packed with lots of smart features, too

Ikea washing machine
(Image credit: Ikea)

Anyone else notice the arrival of the new Ikea washing machine to their kitchen and appliances range? We spotted it recently and thought we'd delve to find out a bit more about it. After all, if you're on the hunt for the best washing machine to go with your new kitchen (from Ikea or otherwise), you might be wondering... is it any good? And is it worth the money (it costs £479)? 

After all, it really is the mechanics and functionality – plus the affordability – of your washing machine that matter the most when it comes to keeping your clothes looking their best, and there's no point shopping for Ikea's washing machine if you can get better elsewhere.

There's another aspect to washing machines that many of us are increasingly concerned about – their water and energy consumption and the resulting impact on the environment. And, of course, the more energy efficient your washing machine, the more you'll be saving on your energy bill. 

It turns out that the Ikea Tvattad integrated washing machine fits the bill on all fronts – a valiant effort by Ikea that makes this machine well worth the £479. This is one clever device that manages to resolve a lot of the common issues people have with washing machines. 

Firstly, the Tvattad senses exactly how much laundry has been put into the machine, so it will use just enough water for that load, rather than just using the standard amount of water. It is also able to redistribute the weight of load inside the machine and adjust the spinning speed – something lots of washing machines can't do, which results in the washing machine refusing to spin. 

Next – and this is a godsend for those of us who have a tendency to put in too much detergent – the anti-foam technology in this machine automatically increases the number of spin cycles if too much detergent has been used. It also has an anti-flooding device that will cut off the water supply to the machine if it's overflowing. 

And finally (this is our favourite feature) – the Tvattad has a steam function for decreasing and freshening up clothes without having to wash them at all. Perfect for those 'dry-clean only' items that you'd rather not take to the dry cleaners. 

The catch? This is an integrated model – you can see more in our buyer's guide to integrated washing machines. Our verdict? The price is good and it's had good reviews. It's a handy buy if you're shopping for an Ikea kitchen, particularly for small or open plan kitchens, or for a utility room. 

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