How to set up Alexa

Want to know how to set up Alexa on your new Amazon smart speaker? It's easy with these tips

How to set up Alexa: Amazon Echo
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Wondering how to set up Alexa? If you've been given an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot for Christmas, you might be only just getting around to wondering just how you get it set up with Alexa. 

We've got good news for you: it's very, very easy to set up your Echo, so long as you have wireless internet at home and a reasonably up-to-date operating system on your phone (IOS 11 and higher, Android 5.1 and higher, or Fire IOS 5.3.3 or higher).

Follow these easy tips for installing your new device. Haven't got the Echo yet? You could find one at a great price by heading to our January sales hub page. 

1. Download the Alexa app

If you're downloading Alexa onto a mobile device, simply go to your app store and type in 'Alexa'. If you're downloading for desktop, go to the Amazon Alexa website to download it.

2. Plug in the Echo

Connect up and plug in the Echo using the adapter provided. The device will glow blue, then orange when Alexa has connected up to it. You will hear Alexa saying that the device is ready for set-up.

3. Set up Alexa to your wi-fi

Typically, you'll be able to this via the Echo and will be guided through the process. If for some reason this hasn't happened, simply open the Alexa app and find your Wi-Fi network on there. You'll have the option to store your password on Amazon. If you're connecting up via an unsecured public network, that option won't be there.

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