How to cook quinoa – a three step and speedy method

Cooking quinoa? We reveal how to unleash the magic of this superfood grain

how to cook quinoa
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The grain of the moment, the superfood that is forever all over Instagram, you know we're talking about quinoa. No matter how you decide to say it out loud, we're going to tell you how to cook quinoa to get the best out of this light and nutritious grain. Quinoa is packed with protein and makes a great alternative to rice, couscous and pasta. Plus, it makes a great base for salads, and can even be used to make plant-based burgers, koftas and more.

While we don't buy into the hype surrounding super 'health foods,' there are undoubtedly some benefits to eating quinoa. Not to mention that, if prepared correctly, it's absolutely delicious. Follow our top tips for fluffy, tasty quinoa.

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How to cook quinoa


  • Quinoa, 50g per person
  • Water or stock, 150ml per person


1. Add your quinoa to a bowl and rinse with cold water three or four times. 

Top tip: washing quinoa removes its natural coating – something called saponin – which can cause quinoa to taste bitter. If you've previously found that quinoa can give you stomach cramps, not rinsing it properly could be the problem.

2. Once rinsed, add 150ml of water, or stock, per 50g of quinoa and cook over a medium heat.

3. Use a lid to cover, bring to the boil and cook for 12 to 15 minutes, or until all the water has been absorbed. Your quinoa should have fluffed up to double in size.