How to store onions

We're here with the final say on how to store onions. Discover how to keep them fresher for longer

how to store onions
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When it comes to storing onions, chances are you're either team cupboard or team fridge. A divisive subject, but we're here to end the debate about how to store onions once and for all. This will not only ensure they stay fresher for longer, ultimately improving the taste of your food, but will also help you reduce food waste in the long run – which is great news. 

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How to store onions

You will need:

  • A ventilated box for storage
  • A dark cupboard


1. Remove you onions from their current packaging – particularly if it's plastic.

 2. Take a look through your onions. If you spot any growing mould, we'd recommend  storing them separately to reduce the spread of mould to otherwise healthy onions. They don't have to be thrown away, we'd just recommend that you use them as soon as possible.

3. Place your onions in a container with plenty of ventilation. This is to prevent them getting too damp and to prolong their life.

4. Place your onions in a cool, dark cupboard. Somewhere between four and 10ºC is widely considered optimal.

Top tip: Peeled onions are best kept in a sealed container, in the fridge. They should last up to 14 days.

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