How to clean a phone screen

We touch our phone up to 2,600 times a day – giving yours a clean is a good idea if you're concerned about the spread of germs

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As much as we hate to admit it, the vast majority of us are completely and utterly obsessed with our smart phones (we're certainly guilty). And before you tell us that you 'have a really balanced relationship with technology' having embarked on a 14-day retreat to help you detox: a) we don't believe you, and b) research suggests that we touch our phones an average of 2,600 times a day. So even if you think you're not touching it that much, you really are.

Now that we've all acknowledged our obsessions, let's get on with how to clean your phone screen in a bid to maintain good levels of hygiene, and (hopefully) help contain the spread of Coronavirus. This isn't a time to panic, just a time to think about taking practical steps to protect ourselves, and our loved ones. 

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How to clean a phone screen

1. Start by removing your phone from its phone case. Turn off your phone.

2. Take a clean microfibre cloth and gently wipe your phone on both sides.

3. Using a bleach-free disinfectant wipe – Apple recommend Lysol wipes (see below for today's best prices – give your phone a gentle wipe, being careful to avoid ports.

4. Take a clean microfibre cloth and wipe your phone again.

5. If you have a plastic phone case, wash with warm water and washing-up liquid. Dry, then give a wipe down with your Lysol wipes. If you have a leather phone case, skip the washing in water and simply wipe down with a Lysol wipe.

Top tip: experts recommend cleaning your phone once or twice a week.

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