How to boost Wi-Fi – without leaving the house

Find out how to boost Wi-Fi at home during lockdown without the need for engineer visits

How to boost wi-fi
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Need to know how to boost Wi-Fi at home? Many families are finding that their internet  is simply not coping with everyone using it at the same time, and now that we're doing everything from home, including work calls and hours of Netflix, the pressure on our broadband is much higher. The following tips will help you boost Wi-Fi speed without the need for calling out an engineer (not an option right now unless you are a vulnerable customer).

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1. Don't use your microwave

Yes, it's true: microwaves can interfere with Wi-Fi speed. This doesn't mean you can't use the microwave at all – just avoid using it while doing something that consumes a lot of bandwidth, such as a conference call or gaming.

2. Place your router away from other electronics

Almost all other electronics can mess with the performance of your router if it's too close to them, including televisions and mobile phones. So, position your router as far away from them as possible. Also, try placing it on a shelf rather than on the floor.

3. Choose standard video quality over HD

Even if your TV is HD, you can still opt to stream video content in standard definition on Netflix. To do this, go into the settings section of your Netflix profile. The same goes for streaming movies via YouTube – you very often get the option to rent a film in standard definition, so go for that one.

4. Get a router booster

Rooter boosters or wi-fi extenders can dramatically improve the performance of your wi-fi – however, as this RealHomes team member discovered, don't overdo it. If you get more than one, they will end up conflicting with each other, and your wi-f- speed could actually go down. There's also no need to spend over £40 on a decent booster (though if you want to, obviously go for it).

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5. Get an ethernet cable

Sometimes the good old-fashioned ethernet cable is the best way to get your internet up to desired speed. They're easy to just plug into your laptop and very cheap. 

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