House plant trend is influencing how we plant up our gardens

Our love of statement house plants and decorative foliage is reflected in how we furnish and plant out our gardens

living room with overwhelming collection of houseplants
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House plants have always been known to improve air quality in our homes. More recently, they've been cited as reducing stress and increasing feelings of wellbeing. House plant sales are continuing to grow year-on-year, but it can't be denied that the trend for house plants that's seen many of us populate every spare corner with greenery largely comes down to how important they are as elements of interior design. 

So, if you're thinking of jumping on the house plant bandwagon, what are the house plant trends to look out for? The 2019 Garden Trends Report by Wyevale Garden Centres suggests that an increasing number of us like our homes to look more like luscious gardens (or even jungles, in some cases), opting for large, statement plants over soft furnishings or decorative items. Large-leafed varieties with a retro vibe, such as rubber plants and cheese plants, are especially popular. 

According to Horticulture Week, hanging plants are also showing up as a top trend indoors, with large containers fixed high up on walls or ceilings. These include rhipsalis, scindapsus and ivies.

This trend for decorative planting continues outside, with interior design increasingly influencing garden decorating styles. 

Over a quarter of gardeners under the age of 45 say they are looking for garden design inspiration in interior design trends, and want to transform their gardens into a 'fifth room' of the house. This is further highlighted by the resurgence in popularity of vertical gardens – or living walls – and water plants, used both indoors and out.

Around 40 per cent push the envelope on creating an outdoor space that's as thoughtfully furnished as indoor rooms by investing in a garden coffee table or set; 18 per cent like relaxing in a comfy lounge chair; and 17 per cent create an indoor-outdoor vibe by buying a swing seat or hanging chair.