Homemade cleaning products: make an all-purpose cleaner that's better than commercial products

Looking for homemade cleaning products that are as effective as a commercial all-purpose cleaner? This is the ultimate recipe

homemade cleaning products
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Homemade cleaning products are more popular than ever, with consumers waking up to the environmental dangers of commercial cleaners, as well as their potential dangers to our health. There are tons of recipes for DIY cleaning online – including our own list of cleaning hacks that don't use cleaning products – but what if you only want one, multi-purpose product that will tackle every surface in your home? 

Many DIY cleaner recipes online suggest that you mix vinegar with baking soda and lemon juice, which is a great homemade solution for cleaning windows or mirrors. There are potential disadvantages, though. Firstly, you might not want to use this type of mixture everywhere in the house because of vinegar's distinctive smell. Secondly, a liquid cleaner requires a spray bottle, which will mean using plastic (either the bottle itself or at least the pump) – not great if you're trying to reduce your plastic waste

The solution? An all-purpose homemade cleaner in the form of a paste. With this type of cleaner, you won't need any vinegar, and you can scent it with essential oils. You will need baking soda, liquid Castile soap, and soda crystals. Simply keep adding the soda to the soap until you get the desired consistency. You can also add a bit of vegetable glycerin, which will give your cleaner a smooth and nicely spreadable finish. Then, scent your cleaner with your preferred essential oils. We recommend adding five drops of lavender essential oil, two drops of eucalyptus, two drops of tea tree oil, and three drops of lemon essential oil. Avoid putting too much essential oil in, as you could end up with an allergic reaction. 

And the best this about this homemade all-purpose cleaner? You can store it in a jar or tin, no plastic spray bottles needed.    

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