Heatwave 2019: summery weather to return this weekend

The heatwave is coming back! Temperatures are set to climb into the high twenties this Saturday

heatwave: garden with plants at sunset
(Image credit: Future)

A mini heatwave is on its way to most parts of the UK this weekend – great news if the wet and cool weather has been getting you down over the past couple of weeks. According to the Met Office, most parts of the country will see bright spells and very pleasant temperatures of around 25°C in southern and central parts of England. The only area of the UK that will see persistent rain is the North West. 

Longer term, the forecast is very promising, with areas of high pressure 'bringing periods of settled weather and warmer conditions.' It looks like we'll get to enjoy a few more sunny weekends in our gardens – and try out any new furniture you got in this summer's garden furniture sales

Warm and dry weather, though without the extreme temperatures we saw back in July, will be good news for gardeners, too. See our month-by-month calendar of garden jobs to see what you can get down to while the weather is nice.

So whether you have a few outdoor DIY jobs to tick off, or just want to relax with a bevvy in the garden – the weather is (mostly – sorry North West) on your side.