Grocery delivery drivers can now enter your home when you're out via smart lock

You can give Waitrose delivery drivers one-off codes for a Yale smart lock so they can drop off groceries even if you're out. Would you be comfortable with that?

Yale smart locks: waitrose delivery man
(Image credit: Yale)

Would you trust a Waitrose delivery driver to enter your home and unpack your shopping while you're not there? For most of us, our gut instinct would probably tell us 'no'. How would they gain access? And how could we be sure that they wouldn't steal anything?

Well, what if we told you that in order to gain access, delivery drivers would be issued with a single use access code, as engineered by leading security experts, Yale. And on entry, they would be fitted with a camera to track their movements at all times? Would you be more tempted? We're pretty sure we would...

Discover more about why Yale have teamed up with Waitrose & Partners and everything we learnt about the service as IFA 2019. Then, if you're left feeling inspired, check out our pick of the best smart locks and you could be making the most of the service in no time...

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What struck us most about this partnership between Yale and Waitrose & Partners was their mission to draw food delivery services into the 21st century, making the process easier and more efficient. 

Whether you're a busy parent who can't always commit to a delivery slot; you work long hours and often find that you can't be bothered to go to the supermarket at the end of the day; or you like the idea of returning home to a fridge full of food post holiday, we're pretty sure you'll admit that the idea of a delivery driver organising your entire food delivery process is pretty genius.

Speaking about the collaboration, Nigel Fisher, Managing Director for Yale UK, says, 'Working with Waitrose & Partners to develop the UK’s first in-home delivery service is an exciting premise for Yale, as we look to understand how smart products can enhance daily lives, as well as protecting your home. Our heritage and priority is in security, but the technologies we’re now working with means we can also collaborate with companies, like Waitrose, to develop services that fit with modern life.'

But how exactly will it work? Well, the Yale Keyless Smart Door Lock will enable homeowners to grant a Waitrose delivery driver with a temporary access code – sent via a secure app – in order to access their home. Once the delivery is complete, this code will become void and be permanently deleted. So there's no need to worry about someone sneaking back into your home after hours.

While delivery drivers are inside a customer's home, they will also be obliged to wear a chest-cam which will capture all of their movements. They will put refrigerated and frozen goods away and leave other groceries on the kitchen counter, or as instructed by the customer, all of which will be captured on film. This footage will be available for customers to watch back as soon as the next working day, giving users of the service peace of mind.

Commenting on the partnership, Archie Mason, Head of Business Development from Waitrose & Partners, says, 'There is certainly an increasing demand among our customers to make shopping with us even more convenient to fit around their busy lifestyles. Rather than waiting for a delivery or trying to put everything away, it gives customers more flexibility to use that time differently, including more time enjoying cooking and eating the food they've bought. The concept of ‘in-home delivery’ has started to prove popular in other countries so we are keen to establish if there is an appetite for it in the UK.'

Despite still being in its early stages, this new delivery method has proven pretty successful so far and is expected to be rolled out further in coming months. Find out if you're eligible, or register your interest today.

But what do you think? Would you let a Waitrose delivery driver into your home when you're not there? Or do you need a little more convincing? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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