Get £50 cash back on a pressure washer – and find out why it could rescue your Bank Holiday weekend

Kärcher is offering money back on its K5 and K7 pressure washers – and offering handy tips on garden cleaning, too

Karcher pressure washer
(Image credit: Karcher)

Picture your first BBQ weekend after the (very long) winter: you've got all your food ready to go, all your guests have confirmed, and then... you get the barbie out and remember that you hadn't bothered cleaning it properly before putting it away back in October. Or maybe you've realised the garden furniture has got moss growing on it, so neglected has it been in your garden shed. Or the deck is covered with everything from mildew to bird feed. Lovely. Now you'll be frantically scrubbing your patio, BBQ or sun loungers, instead of chilling with a G&T waiting for people to arrive. 

Fear not, though, as there is a way to clean your garden furniture, BBQ and even the deck quickly and efficiently, and with minimum effort. This can be done with the help of a pressure washer. If you don't have one, the Bank Holiday weekend is the time to buy, since there are tons of garden deals to take advantage of. 

One of our favourites is this: get £50 cash back until the end of May when you buy a Kärcher K5 or K7 pressure washer with Full Control Plus. You can use them to clean your car, too, so it's not just a useful summer purchase.

Wondering how on earth to get your BBQ clean with a pressure washer? Here's what those helpful people at Kärcher suggest:

  • Empty the cold leftover charcoal ash into a bin and remove the grill;
  • Select a medium setting on your pressure washer and spray your BBQ down using a sweeping motion. This should remove ash and sticky substances at the bottom; 
  • Rest the grill against a sturdy surface and clean by using the Vario lance on a medium setting – or turn it up to ‘hard’ for stubborn areas; 
  • Give the BBQ a final rinse down and for the best results, rinse from the top down to ensure water doesn’t get trapped in the bottom. 

Want to find out more about the different pressure washers out there? We have the best pressure washers covered in our buyer's guide. 

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