Garden centres set to reopen across England and Wales as soon as this week

Gardeners rejoice: garden centres are set to reopen across England. Here's everything you need to know...

Garden centres set to reopen across England as soon as this week
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Garden centres are set to reopen across England this week, as the government begins to ease the lockdown measures put in place to limit the spread of the virus. This is not only good news for keen gardeners – many of whom we're sure have their trowels at the ready – but also for those who own and run garden centres, whose income has likely been affected by the lockdown.

And while it's by no means 'business as usual' (staff and customers will have to ensure they're abiding by social distancing guidelines) it's certainly good news and a sign that we're edging, very slowly, closer to normality. Or the new normal, as we keep hearing people refer to it as.

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When will garden centres reopen?

But when exactly will garden centres be allowed to reopen? Well, the latest advice suggests that garden centres in England could reopen as soon as Wednesday (13th March), while those in Wales could open from today (11th March), providing that managers strictly enforce social distancing among workers and customers.

So, what's justified the decision? According to an article published by the BBC, a senior source in the UK government is reported to have said: 'Garden centres typically open large open-air spaces where the risk of transmission of coronavirus is lower. With strict social distancing measures in place we believe they can open safely from next week.' 

While many of us are excited to stock up on plants and other gardening essentials in a bid to keep ourselves occupied during this period of lockdown, we must urge you to act sensibly during this time and keep in mind that we should still be ensuring that we do everything we can to limit interaction with other people and, consequently, the unnecessary spread of coronavirus.

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