These best plants for dorm rooms will brighten up any sad space

JSYK, they're all SUPER hard to kill 🍃

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If it feels like you kill every house plant you touch (I’ve been there too), the idea of taking plants with you to college might feel like a hard pass. I get it, houseplants can seem like a mega “adult” thing to have, but if you pick the right ones, they’re actually super easy to care for. 

I know, I know. The idea of keeping anything else alive when you already have to look after yourself between classes, tests, and clubs seems kinda daunting. But they're a great way to make your sad concrete box dorm feel nice. I promise not all plants are princesses that need your undying attention. Not only will houseplants add a li’l extra something to your space (think: additional color and zest), but they’re also great for purifying the air and increasing productivity while lowering stress. 

Down to add some low-maintenance greenery to your dorm room? I’ve rounded up a selection of all the super hardy houseplants that I’ve tried and failed to kill. From leafy plants to low-light-loving spikies, here are a few plants you should bring onto your new home on campus.

What are the best plants for dorm rooms?

Top tips for easy plant care

I always used to kill all my plants. But I quickly realized that giving them the TLC they need is actually super simple (and effortless, too). Over the years, these are the helpful tips I've collected for easier and less stressful plant care.

  • Always read the label that comes with your plant. It'll tell you everything that you need to know, from how much light the plant likes to how much water it needs. Snap a pic on your phone of the label so that you can refer to it whenever you need. 
  • Make watering your plants easier with an automatic plant watering system (like these easy-to-use self-watering bulbs from Amazon). They're actually super affordable and make plant care a total breeze. 
  • For easier watering, get a mister spray bottle that you can leave filled up and then grab and spritz whenever you remember. 
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